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Count If equals x AND y

Count If equals x AND y

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Col A Col B Col C
1 No Count this cell
I need to count all the cells in Col C if Col A=1 and Col B=No

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count if equals first non error cell

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I want to count the number of times the number 3 or -3 comes up in A8:A15 depending on whether 3 or -3 comes up first. If 3 is A8 then count how many times 3 is found in the range. if A8 is an error (#n/a) and A12 is the first non error row and equals -3, count how many times -3 is in the original

Count until certain percentage reached

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I'd like to be able to look at a list of unsorted numbers and count starting from the largest numbers until the number of counted numbers equals a certain percentage of the sum of all numbers in the list.
For example:
Consider a list such as:
If I wanted to know the number of items that equals 60%, it would return 2 (the two 30s).

Countif Function Using "AND"

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How can I use the Countif Function to count every time the value in one column/range equals criteria-1 AND the value in a second column/range equals criteria-2. In the example below, I want to count every time that column A equals "Yes" AND column B equals "Red." In this example I should get a count of 2.
1 Yes Red
2 Yes Blue
3 No Red
4 Yes Red
5 Yes Green
I used the following formula, but the result is "true". I also don't understand why I'm getting a result of "true" to a Countif formula.

if column B equals "cash" then column H equals 0

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How do I right a formula for:
if column B (invoice number) equals "cash" then column H (HST @ 12% of B) equals 0

Multiple Criteria & Count if Equals 0

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Need help with a formula to find criteria in one column then count the number of 0's in another.
col a col b
smith 2
Jones 9
smith 0
rider 4
smith 0
smith 0
need the return for the number of 0's for smith
this would equal 3

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There are many plugine for wordpress to show your blogs social networking counter. Please update you product next week. we are coming a revelution in this product with design and coding and more option.
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24 hour digital clock that can also be used as a count down timer. There is 1 self contained clock movieclip that you can add to the timeline dynamically. If you wish for it to be a count down timer pass in h/m/s attributes. Tested + created with CS3 /AS2. Images + movieclips are labelled and easy to replace if you wish to use a different font.

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