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Count for the same serial of characters

Count for the same serial of characters

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I have in my spreadsheet as follows:
1 PO200
2 PO200
3. PO201
4. PO202
Total Purchase order = 3
As you can see above the total is only 3 although the are 4, because PO200 is only 1 for the same serial of characters
My question is what is the function in excel the can count for only difference in characters in those cells.
H. Frank Situation

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Is there a way to look up between multiple columns on the same worksheet. I have 297,00 serial numbers that I need to search through. I exceed the allowed rows so had to but them in columns
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Serial 001 1/25/08 Serial 1023 5/01/08
Serial 002 3/19/08 Serial 1034 6/23/08 Lookup Serial
Serial 003 4/12/08 Serial 1056 7/14/08
Serial 004 5/29/08 Serial 1078 8/28/08
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