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Count Common Denominator, but excluding "#value!"

Count Common Denominator, but excluding "#value!"

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I want to count the (common denominator in a cell range a.k.a (which number appears the most")
in F6 to F200 contain formulas as described below giving me a value from another cell. ex" #4"
ex: (=e6) which gives me "4" from "E6"
(=e7 ) which gives me "5" from "E7"
(=e8) which gives me "5" from "e8"
Some cells "give me "#value!"
In G1 I tried this formula but it does not work since it cant count the cells with "values"
How can I use the same formula but also to ignore "value" errors and to finally give me the common denominator. Which from the above example number 5 appears the most.

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