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Copying data to another worksheet

Copying data to another worksheet

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This may seem to have a simple solution, but when I insert a name and date in worksheet 1 , I want the info to transfer automatically to worksheet 2 in the same formatted columns, but not be modified any more when I change anything in worksheet 1. For example, with dates, right now, I am using the formula =IF(H29>0%,TODAY()) the date will automatically change each day, but I just want it for the date it occurs then stay that way, not change every day to the current date, because that will also affect the date on worksheet 2. Is there a formula that will keep the original date on worksheet 2, rather than change to the current date each time?

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Copying Rows from One Worksheet to Another

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Is there a way to make a button or a check box in a row, that when clicked or checked, will copy that entire row's information into the next worksheet (for example, I have data from May that I need to copy to June)?
Or can a drop-down be created in the June worksheet that has data from the May worksheet and when that data is selected, the entire row for that particular record will be copied over?

Copying a Filter list to a new worksheet.

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

On Worksheet A - I have 100 rows. I want to copy those set of rows to another worksheet (b) and then filter it. So if data is entered in worksheet A, then when I switch to worksheet B , if the new data matches the filter criteria it is displayed.
the end result would be worksheet A contains unfiltered rows and worksheet B contains filtered rows.

Prevention of copying of worksheet and workbook

Free: Yes
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I was wondering if anyone knows how to prevent someone else from either copying your workbook or worksheet. I want to put it on cd and send it to family, but do not want the worksheet/workbook to be saved to a computer, etc.

Copying Data

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have 30 excel workbooks opened on my pc, and I want to copy a particular worksheet called "Target" from all these workbooks.
I want all the data to appear on a new single worksheet.
Wb1.xls contains worksheet called Target
Wbqw1.xls contains worksheet called Target
Wbq.xls contains worksheet called Target
upto 30 sheets
Result.xls would contain worksheet called Mission which will have all the data.

copying worksheet including graphs to new worksheet

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have a problem with finding an efficient method of copying an entire worksheet including more graphs to a new worksheet without having to redefine each date sets in the graphs to the name of the new worksheet.
Can I define date in the graphs to copy so they ar referring to the worksheet they are included in?

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- All versions through Adobe Acrobat 9.0 are supported Updated!
- Recovers user password required to open the file
- Decrypts PDF files protected with owner passwords
- Instantly removes restrictions on copying, printing and other actions with the file
- Brute-Force, Xieve and Dictionary attacks are used to recover File-Open password
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Let me introduce the advanced FLV XML Player with playlist. This advanced FLV Player introduces the following opportunities and convenient functions:
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-The player has the function of video full screen resizing.
The player has the playlist with thumbnails they are set up in the xml file entirely for the convenient choosing of video-clips.
- The player has the function of sending the clip to a friend. Receiving such a link a person may watch the exactly particular video clip which is sent to him.
- The player has the function of copying the embed-code. Everybody may easily copy the given code and insert it at his site without loosing the functional.
- The player has the function of copying the direct link to the clip. It is convenient as one may insert this link to the blog or send it to friends by e-mail, Scype, Msn, ICQ and others.
- The player has the convenient interface with the function of controlling the volume of sound.
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