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Copy/Fill Down in increments

Copy/Fill Down in increments

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I have a formula on sheet1 that refers to sheet2 and I want to copy/fill down adding 51 each time.
Example in Sheet1 cell B4 is =Sheet2!E5, I want the result in B5 to be 51 rows later ie =Sheet2!E56
How can I autofill or copy down to automatically add 51.

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Copy/Fill increments

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have data in cells 1 "" 297 in a worksheet that I want totaled in new workbook like so
Row 1 @sum(A1:A5)
Row 2 @sum(A6:A10)
Row 3 @sum(A11:A15) Etc.
When I enter the formula in the first cell of the new workbook and copy the data down, it fills in increments of 1 instead of increments of 5
Row 1 @sum(A1:A5)
Row 2 @sum(A2:A6)
Row 3 @sum(A3:A7)

how do make values display in increments of 1?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Without me having to type the values myself, let's say that I want to use the fill handle to do this instead. I want the numbers to increase in increments of 1 in cells c10-L10.

Filling down text in increments of three

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

How can I fill a worksheet all the way down with the following:
A1=2 steps
A2=2 steps
A3=2 steps
A4=3 steps
A5=3 steps
A6=3 steps
A7=4 steps
A8=4 steps
A9=4 steps
And so on, each in increments of three, all the way down the sheet. I asked the same question yesterday for numbers only without text and got some excellent formulas for that. Today I specifically need to enter the number and the text in the same cell - "4 steps". Thanks. Excel 2003

How do I copy a formula with the cell increasing by increments?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I would like to take a simple Sum formula such as Sum(b1:b6) and copy it into
the next cell in an increment so the next cell (below) will read sum(b7:b12)
How would I do this? I have a large number of cells I will be doing this with and really do not want to have to go back and forth between worksheets to select the cells.

Copy and Fill down data

Free: Yes
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I hope my question is understandable.
Is there a way to copy and fill down data until the next non blank cell, and then copy that cell and fill down until next non blank cell and so on?
Or said another way, fill in blank cells in between non blank cells.

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