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Copy formula from one sheet to another problem

Copy formula from one sheet to another problem

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I have just changed from windows xp to windows 7 but with same office 2007. I have got 2 excel files, file A sheet 1 (e.g 100 sheets) has got formula that I copy onto file B sheet 1(e.g 100 sheets) which is getting pasted as value unlike when I had xp it use to copy the formula and formate. When I try using paste special option it does not give me options as formula or format. instead I get paste as Microsoft office excel worksheet object, picture, bitmap, csv . etc. I am not sure what has happened here is there something I need to do to excel settings to get copy paste (with formulas & format activated) I have got 2 separate excel sessions running side by size to see better.
Thanks if anyone can help solve problem.

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I have two sheets, and am trying to link cells (copy the same value) from the second sheet into the first. The problem is, the first sheet has 10 blank rows between each link I'm trying to paste in from the second sheet. The second sheet does not have any blank rows between the data.
I'd like a formula that would take into account this offset as I copy the link on first sheet down. I.E. once I link cell A1 from second sheet to cell A1 in the first sheet, I want to copy cell A1 in first sheet to cell A11 in first sheet, but want it to reference cell A2 in the second sheet.

Linking separate sheets problem

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I am having a problem linking two separate excel sheets. I use a formula to get one sheet (let's call it "B") to link to another ("A"). Sheet B just needs to be a copy of A, as I do all my calcs on A. It works at first when it ties to formula to that specific cell i.e. A$1$ instead of A1.
However, when I remove the $ so I can copy and paste the formula across the sheet, the cells do not show the values ("21", "January" etc) but the formula itself ("='[excelB]sheet1'A1!")
Does anyone know why it is showing the formula? I have tried changing the format of the cell to other types (General, Currency, Text etc) but to no avail

Hidden sheet copy problem

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The following code is supposed to copy a hidden sheet called "new" when a button is pressed, and then make this new sheet visible.
BUT in fact what occurs is that the hidden sheet is copied, the new sheet remains hidden but what was the hidden sheet is made visible.
Code is:
Sub Button2_Click()
'Copy the master sheet to the end of the workbook
Worksheets("new").Copy after:=Worksheets(Worksheets.Count)
'Make the new sheet visible
Worksheets(Worksheets.Count).Visible = True

Copy Formula Problem

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When I copy a formula and paste it, the new cell displays the
old cell's data, even though the formula has been changed to reflect the relative cells.
Row 1: 1 + 2 = 3 (formula is A1+B1)
Row 2: 2+3 = 3 (formula is A2 + B2)
Why does it still display 3 in cell C2? If I type in the formula it works.

Exel 2003 Copy Formula Problem

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I have used Excel for years and never experienced this issue. I am trying to simply copy (drag) a formula from one cell down the column and it will only copy the value that the original cells sum equals. Not the formula itself. Format for cells is set as number.

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