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Copy data from one sheet to another with dynamic range selection

Copy data from one sheet to another with dynamic range selection

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The CRM application that we use provides output in an excel sheet "Table View 1". I want to be able to copy the data that is dumped to a sheet to another sheet. The requirements:
The data output range is different. Sometimes it is 4 rows and sometimes it is 25 rows. I want a mechanism where based on the output, the formula/macro automatically copies the information to the new sheet.
The first 2 rows need to be excluded when the copy is being made.
I am not sure if this can be accomplished using a macro or a formula, but any help will be appreciated.
I am attaching a sample of the application output with this thread.

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etc - Apple would only show once in a drop down selection list.

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I need to copy a range of cells data from one worksheet to another.
In the source worksheet, I have a specific number of columns but the numbers of rows should be dynamic, it should be able to expand until it finds an empty row.
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In Sheet1, columns A,B,C,D,E, and F have data. with the help of a micro, I wish
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Column H, I, J,K, L. So If column G is filled, next copying may be in H and
so on.:
Range, F2:F132
selection. copy
destination range H2:H132

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I currently have weeks of data on sheets. Our sales numbers for week 1 are on sheet "1". Week two is "2" and so on.
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='1'!E4 works if I click on the individual cell, but I have thousands of cells, and is too time consuming
I know this can be done in VBA, but I'm trying to avoid that. It may be impossible
I was thinking something with the & but couldn't get it to work with with formulas
=' & H2 & '!E4
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The below code shows an error in the second line . if give sheet1.Range("C10").select its working fine but I want to populate the
I value from C1 to C100 cells.
For I = 1To 110 Step 1
varnisher = Selection.CurrentRegion.Rows.count Selection.Value = I Next I

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