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Converting Decimal Degrees to Degrees/Minutes/Seconds

Converting Decimal Degrees to Degrees/Minutes/Seconds

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I wish to find the commands in Excel to convert Decimal Degrees to Degrees/Minutes/Seconds and the reverse.

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Degrees Minutes Seconds

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

Is there a formula or format to convert angles between decimal degrees and degrees minutes seconds?

Degrees Minutes Decimal Minutes to Decimal Degrees.

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have got a worksheet with cells like:
E174 36.992
I need to get that into decimal degrees like
Is there a way to do this with a formula? I start with find, left, right functions, but I ended up parenthesis hell.

How do I represent values in Degrees Minutes Seconds in Excel?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

I need to format the results of a =DEGREES(ATAN(x)) formula to be in Degrees Minutes Seconds format. I don't want to have to do decimal degrees, not put the results in 3 different columns (which I have done in the past).

Converting space delimited degrees:minutes:seconds using formulas

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

In excel I have the situation where I have the following
etc that needs to be converted into degrees minutes and seconds format
I did use the text to columns function with the space delimited and formatting the cells as text. Then combining the cells with a formula eg =A1&"°"&B1&"'"&C1. However I would like to write a cell formula without resorting to VBA that does this.
I also tried using the LEFT, RIGHT, FIND, MID and LEN text formulas almost got there but not completely grasping the functions in their entirety.
Thank you for looking into the matter

Convert Degrees Minutes to Degrees

Free: Yes
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I have attached the spreadsheet I am working with and I need to convert degrees minutes into degrees as shown below.

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Latitude and Longitude Converter

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This PHP script calculates and converts the decimal value of any latitude and longitude coordinates into easy-to-read degrees, minutes, and seconds.

Weather Widget

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Tags: Flash › Excel Widgets

- Can be used in any website or in CMS websites to be as a widget for the climate.
- Can be used alone or you can copy the frame of the clock and add to any flash project.
- 2 Buttons for Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees.
- Button for more details about the climate.
- Light size, only 25kb.
- Easily customizable file, you will need to know basic info about Flash and Action Script 2.0

Flash AS3 stopwatch / timer - free tutorial and api

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Crifano timer component: a basic timer with some functionality like pause and the ability to set events on a specific time!
You can personalize the look and feel and decide if show the hours, minutes, seconds and houndred of seconds.

Rotating Star Flash AS3 Preloader

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This awesome preloader flash component is easy to use in your projects and also easily customisable. Implementation is pretty much drag and drop in your project, recompile the flash .fla and voila, your flash project now has a preloader script. This particular preloader design is rounded and it displays rotating glowing orb that revolves 360 degrees around the loader as well as centered precentage loaded text while preloading and then uses a fade out animation when the content has finished loading.
It's light weight, just 12kb, all the graphics are vector based.
The component design, all of it's colors and special layer effects are easy to customize inside the library once opened in Flash

Flex Countdown Clock

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You can use this component to display a countdown. First,set the Hour, Minute, Second. Then,it will count down the time in hours, minutes, and seconds. Full Source Code Included.

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