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Convert to Seconds

Convert to Seconds

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I copied some data from a website and it comes over as minutes:seconds:tenths of seconds. I want to convert the whole thing to total seconds. I know if you have hours:minutes:seconds you can go =(HOUR(cell)*60*60)+(MINUTE(cell)*60)+SECOND(cell). I am trying variations of this with no luck. Thoughts?
As an example, I want A1=36:35:00 to come out as B1=2195.

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convert seconds to minutes and seconds

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › VBA

I have a program that produces seconds such as 89 seconds or 193 seconds or 205 seconds. How do I convert these into minutes and seconds such as 125 = 1 minute and 15 seconds.

Convert time to decimal seconds

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am in need of help to convert a database made up of times in minutes and seconds to decimal seconds.
I have used a custom cell format to enter lap times: [m]:ss.00. Unfortunately I have realized that I can't do the analysis that I want to in this format and now need to convert this from minutes and seconds to seconds only.
For example I have a value of 3:50.45 which I need to convert to 230.45 seconds. Any ideas on a formula as doing this manually will take days and days?!

[solved] Convert seconds to D:H:MM

Free: Yes
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I have a figure that is in seconds and I need to convert it into D:H:MM and I can't see an easy way to do that.
The convert formula does not cater for converting into D:H:MM.
I've formatted a cell to D:H:MM but I need to find a way of converting can you suggest anything please?
for example:
130 seconds would give 0:0:2 I'm not worried about the left over
90060 seconds would give 1:1:1

Convert Seconds to Minutes

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I have a phone report that is displaying total time is seconds, for example I get 2136 seconds. How do I convert that to minutes and seconds?

Convert number into minutes.seconds

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How do change a number into minutes and seconds.
For example, I had this formula:
(1784 seconds * 26 percent)/60= 7.73
I want to convert the 7.73 into minutes and seconds. So 7.73 would become 8.13 minutes.seconds

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