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Convert european foreign date format to US date format

Convert european foreign date format to US date format

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I receive dates in the following format in column:
I would like to convert the column to read mm/dd/yy.

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european date format

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

How can I make a cell only accept European date format? I can make the cell convert once it is entered using the cell format properties, but I want the user to be able to enter it as dd/mm/yy and have it accepted.

convert SAP date format to excel date format

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have faced with a problem what I can't solve. The problem is that the report which is coming from SAP contains a date in the following format: 26/10/2011
This is text format and there is not any opportunity to change the format into real and manageable date format. I tried to use format change (text to date), some date related functions to convert it, but it is not working.
Do you have any idea how I can change this SAP date format into excel date format?

Text number to Date Format?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

My IT Manager has a spreadsheet that he imported some 40,00 dates into.
They are all formatted as text though, so we cannot simply change the cell format to receive the correct date. It takes the number, gives it a date format, but completely alters the date to something foreign. Can someone please show me how to convert this data via VB or some other way (leaving it in Excel) to reflect the right date. See attachment for what we are trying to accomplish on a larger scale.

Convert custom Date into Date format

Free: Yes
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I have dates in the following format: 22.5.08
I am trying to convert these into the dd/m/yy format but when I try and format the cells using a custom format (right click > Format Cells > Date) it does not convert the 22.5.08 into the desired format.
I have also tried using the date format function.


Free: Yes
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I have a list of invoice dates where the day is first and the month is second, and the year is third. I need to convert to the US format of month first, day second and year third. Any suggestions are most appreciated.

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Flip Date Clock

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This is a Flip Clock with full date description. By default is set on 12h format and with am/pm indication.
You can convert it to 24h format very easy, just follow the instructions on the ReadMeFirst.txt file you will find in the .zip archive.
Everything included in the file is vector, that means resizable to any size you desire!

Convert PowerPoint to ASF

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ASF short for Advanced Streaming Format, is an audio/digital video format container format created by Microsoft, especially for streaming media. The format does not specify the codec of the video or audio; it just specifies the structure of the video/audio stream. So the ASF container format could technically include any codec. The most common types contained with an ASF file are WMA and WMV. ASF-based media are usually streamed on the internet.

Date Picker as3

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A date picker/date chooser component in flash as3which adobe skip to add in component library !
- An easy to use drag and drop on text field component
- fully customisable
- Background Color
- Calendar Placement
- Date Format
- Font
- Icon Placement
- Separator
- Language
- and much more!!!

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- 100% vector graphics
- Scale to any size
- 100% Action Script based animation
- All flags movie clip symbols are properly given relevant country name
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Displays the Last Modified Date of a Web Page

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This PHP script will display the date that the current web page was last modified in the international date format, (CCYY-MM-DD).

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