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Control Bar Width with Graph Object

Control Bar Width with Graph Object

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Before I start investing even more time than I already have trying to figure this out, does anyone know if it's possible to directly vary the width of a chart's series of bars using the MS Graph object? In other words, if I have two series, and if the dollar value of one bar series is twice that of another, can I make that series twice as wide as the other?

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Controlling Gap Width for BAR Chart

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I have the following data for example.
A = 2 B= 3 C = 4
I can create a 2 D Bar chart from this quite easily.
Now If I make the data to
A = 2 , 3 B= 3 , 4 C = 4 , 5
I do want to plot the data on the basis of first two values as mentioned in the first example, but I want to control the width of the Bar from the value given after comma.

How do I place a bar/pie chart on form?

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I wish to create a program which takes set of 10 numbers and converts them into either a bar chart or pie chart using appropriate buttons.For a bar chart I wish to scale the values first.
I tried setting a reference to the "Microsoft Excel 12.0 object Library" and I also tried including "Microsoft Graph Chart" from "Components >> Insert able Objects ". After I go for the latter, a graph control is included in my controls toolbox. My only problem is I don't know how to work it out with this control to create the program I specified above.

How do I manually adjust the width of my columns in a bar graph?

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In a graph, I would like to manually drag the columns to make them thicker or thinner. I would also like to adjust the spacing between columns.

Combination charts

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When I add a line graph to a bar chart, the bar width goes to zero and Excel will not allow me to readjust the width. Is there a way to fix this? I'm using a secondary axis for the line graph.

Error Bar Cap Width

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Is there any way at all to change the length of the caps of the error bars? I'm trying to make a graph that is a bit large, and while I can scale everything else (text, line thicknesses), the top and bottom caps of the error bars almost disappear in comparison, and I would like to make them wider.

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AutoGRAPH Bar Graph Generator

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AutoGraph allows you to easily customize and set up graphs in seconds. All you need to set up your own bar graph is to resize the background box to your dimensions, and set how many bars as well as what information it needs to show. You can easily change margins, sizes, colors, text colors etc without diggin through the library or code.
Its perfect if you deal with bars or charts to display data for corporate clients. It cant get easier than this!

XML Animated bar chart graph with pop up details

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XML Animated bar graph sales / product chart with pop-up details.
Fully Customizable XML driven graph/chart with animated bars and fading pop-up details window. Everything is editable from within the XML file (no need for Flash program). Just open the XML with your favorite text editor!
~ Virtually unlimited amount of items/bars can be displayed.
~ Choose to have the bars grow individually or simultaneously.
~ Fine-tune all item values.
~ Highly Flexible XML

Music Bar (AS3)

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- Automatically adjusts to the width and height of your flash site
- Real-time audio wave forms
- Functions set to fade out/ fade in music externally from the Music Bar movie clip
- Change the tint/color of all elements of the Music Bar at compile-time, and at run-time
- Included help file

Voynex Object Embedding

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Voynex Object Embedding is a cross-browser library designed to embed objects into HTML documents. Library utilizes JavaScript to create embedding HTML code and access object's programming interface.
With the help of Voynex Object Embedding library it is possible to easily embed audio, video, multimedia players, documents to HTML pages. Cross-browser embedding with just one line of JavaScript code.
Features: Tiny size - library's size is less then 3 kB; High extensibility - new formats can be added without code re-engineering; Cross-browser - works with the most browsers under various operating systems; Future ready - compliant with the latest draft of the HTML 5 standard; Simplicity and genericity. Embed various types of objects using just one line of code; Control - control embedded object using plug-in's or browser's JavaScript API. Voynex Object Embedding supports embedding of Windows Media Player, Shockwave Flash, Apple Quick Time etc

News Ticker Black

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This is a very easy to use compact news ticker. It resizes to fit the width of the stage. It can easly be integrated in html. PSD file included
Features list:
- Unlimited number of news
- Everything is tweened for smooth and nice movement/appearance
- Easy to customize
- Resizable, it takes the width of the Stage (in html, the width given to the object tag)
- Keep track of where you are and easily go to next or previous headlines

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