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COnfidence Intervals in Multiple Regression

COnfidence Intervals in Multiple Regression

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Is there a way to get a confidence interval about your predicted values for your dependent variable (Y) in Excels multiple regression?

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Multiple Regression in Analysis Tool Pack - Confidence Intervals

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How do I calculate the confidence interval for each year's forecast with the output Excel gives me regarding the confidence intervals? I ran a multiple regression in Excel using the Analysis Tool Pack and I can see the upper and lower limits, but I do not know how to use those numbers to calculate the interval for each forecasted period.

Regression and the confidence intervals

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When preforming a regression analysis, it gives us two confidence interval. The first one if for Beta1, what is the second for?

Chart confidence intervals around regression (or trend) line

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it seems like this should be simple, but I can't figure it can I develop (and chart) 95% confidence interval lines around a trend line in a regression scatter plot? The regression summary output table includes values for the lower and upper 95%, but I can't figure out how to make use of this information. And the stuff in Help on the CONFIDENCE() function is no help at all.

How do I do a chart with overlaying confidence intervals?

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I am trying to create a bar chart (or line graph) with confidence intervals.

need to make chart w/ confidence intervals and don't know how

Free: Yes
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I need to make a graph that shows four means w/ associated confidence intervals and I have no idea how to do so. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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