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Conditional Formatting on empty cells

Conditional Formatting on empty cells

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I'm trying to apply conditional formatting on column g where the formula in each cell is =IF(c5,g5/c5,"") or as appropriate for that row and it returns a percent value. I want those values greater than $G$4 to be highlighted in red. The value in G4 is 10%.
Two problems.
1) My highlighting returns all my blank cells in column G in red
2) If I try to format the 'cell value > $G$4" and the value is greater than 10%, the highlighting doesn't show. If I use the formatting of 'cell value > .1' then it works. I want to be able to change the value in G4 so I need it to work the first way.

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Conditional formatting.
I use for the three conditions:
How to define that when the cells where CF is defined has another possibility for a value, namely, none of the above three values, but is empty (I use validation-list)

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This may be a simple question for all of you. I want to use conditional formatting to change fill color that specifically excludes blank cells.
The question is: What value to I put in the condition/formula field of the dialog box for a blank/empty cell.

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Background: I have a spreadsheet that compares data from two systems to check for differences, it often brings up 0 values, which get highlighted in yellow
Cells M:P will often be :
I know I can apply conditional formatting thus: =$M3:$P3=0 and all will turn yellow, if the total is zero.
But when I copy this down all empty cells also become yellow, is there a way to avoid this,
I know it is a purely cosmetic issue, but would like to know how to resolve it.
Have attached edited example.

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I'm using excel 2010, and I'm having some problem with conditional formatting. I need to highlight lowest price in each row, which I accomplished with formula =F6=MIN($F6:$J6) in formatting rule, and after that copied that rule with format painter to entire selection. But I have some empty rows, and I would like that they stay without any format. Formula =IF($F6:$J6="", "", MIN($F6:$J6)) doesn't work.
Can someone help me with formula, I would like to do it automatically, without selecting each empty row and deleting format for specific selection.

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I am using office 2007 and have a formula in column F which states IF(E4=" ", " ", E4/A4). This keeps the column formatted throughout the worksheet. I now need to identify using conditional formatting, any cell which is greater than 15% and less than 15%. When I choose this option through conditional formatting, the empty cells are highlighted.

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