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Conditional Formatting: Highlight the lowest value

Conditional Formatting: Highlight the lowest value

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I wanted to ask for your help as all my searches on conditional formatting don't seem to return quite what I am after.
On the attached spreadsheet I am trying to get the conditional formatting to highlight the lowest value, comparing very specific cells:
For example on this spreadsheet:
To highlight the lowest value of these cells: G6, N6, U6, AB6, AI6
While ignoring the other values in that row and ignoring blanks and any cells with 0 in.
I would be very grateful if someone could advise. The only things I can find are formulas that compare and highlight values in the entire row.

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I was hoping somebody could help me out here:
I have three columns (Round, Date, Score) that I add entries to on a weekly (roughly) basis. The latest round score is always at the top.
Now I want to use conditional formatting to highlight the lowest 10 rounds, from the last 20 entries.
I know how to use conditional formatting to highlight the lowest 10 rounds, and I know how to highlight the last 20 rounds, however I don't know how to combine the two!

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I have 9 columns and 52 rows that that have pricing for 9 brands for each week of the year. There may be some weeks where a brand as $0.00 as a price. I am trying to do a conditional formatting to highlight the cell that has the lowest price for that week excluding any that have $0.00 listed. I got a formula off the internet and adjusted to my spreadsheet. The formula listed below is in my conditional formatting rule
It is not highlighting the $0.00 cells, but some weeks it does not highlight anything. The odd part is that one week the lowest price is $1.47 that does not highlight. If I change that to $1.00 it does highlight, but if I change it to $1.10 it does not.

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How can I use conditional formatting to highlight 3 highest (or lowest) values within a range of values?

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Cell A1 contains a "critical value". I want to format the range B1:B5 so that one cell is highlighted - the cell with the value closest to, but not greater than, A1.
E.g. if B1:B5 looks like this:
9 <-- This should be highlighted when A1 = 14
16 <-- This should be highlighted when A1 = 16
58 <-- This should be highlighted when A1 = 30

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I have a Excel 2003 workbook and have one single row which contains numbers. I am try to populate A1 with the lowest number in that row, which I can do by =MIN(B1:L1)
However I would like to highlight the 'whole' column (not single cell) that was identified as lowest. How do I identify the column Letter that is lowest and then highlight this with a color?

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Classic Unique Low Bid Auction
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Customizable real-time syntax highlighting (currently: PHP, CSS, Javascript, Python, HTML, XML, VB, C, CPP, SQL, Pascal, Basic, Brainf*ck, and probably more...)

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