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Conditional formatting from one sheet to another

Conditional formatting from one sheet to another

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I would like to use conditional formatting between 2 different sheets in the same workbook.
I.e I have one sheet that should only present different colours in the cells using conditional formatting. The base for this is calculations done in another sheet.
Cell A1 in sheet TEST1 should be red IF the value in cell A1 in sheet TEST2 = 5
I have no problem using conditional formatting generally speaking but Excel 2007 do not allow me to use references to other worksheets for conditional formatting criteria.
Is there a work around for this?

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Conditional formatting and inserting a row from another worksheet

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To protect formulas and formatting, I have code, which copies a row, with formatting and formulas, from a hidden sheet, unprotects the main sheet, inserts the copied row and re protects the main sheet. This works great, except with conditional formatting.
My current conditional formatting works on the range: $A$3:$B$100. The copied row is inserted on Row 4. When done, this splits the conditional formatting to: $A$3:$B$3 and $A$5:$B$101, whether or not the copied row contains the same conditional formatting. This makes sense, but is it possible to maintain the original, all-encompassing range? Otherwise I'll end up getting thousands of conditional formatting for each insert.

Conditional formatting

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I have attached an example workbook. Sheet 1 shows how my data is now and Sheet 2 shows how I would like conditional formatting to be applied (basically applying a colour to cells that have identical text).

Conditional formatting help

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I am looking for some kind of formatting that removes the highlights from the cells in a table whenever I update values in row 13 in the table each month. Can I use conditional formatting for that. I have attached an example sheet below.

Can you add conditional formatting to columns that are linked?

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I have realized that you can't add conditional formatting to sheet1 that references data from from sheet 2, so I am displaying the data from sheet 2 onto sheet 1 which I will hide when completed, I can set conditional formating using the data but it doesn't seem to work, is it because the conditional formatting is reading the actual data in the cell (ex in this case is =Customer_List!C5) instead of whats being displayed (ex 1/5/2007) which is what I want the formatting to work against?
Is there another way I can do this? I want to ensure that the date field stays dynamic so as the data gets updated the conditional formatting will do its trick on the summary page .

Conditional formatting - source data from another sheet

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I currently have a lot of data on sheet 2, linking the content to sheet 1 for easy reference. I wish to to use conditional formatting on sheet 1 with the original data remaining in sheet 2. Unfortunately, when I try to link the cell through the application of conditional formatting, once I click ok, it states that you cannot do this because the linked cell is on another sheet.
The easiest solution is probably to duplicate the appropriate cells on sheet 2 to sheet 1 with links, but I don't particularly want to duplicate data to avoid confusion.
So, to put it simply, is there an easy solution to this simple problem?

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Animated tooltip with HTML formatting

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Tags: Flash › Excel ToolTips

A very nice and easy way of giving your visitors a quick explanation of a button. It has an alpha animation (which you can also turn off). You can also apply html formatting like bold text.

Advanced Datagrid component

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Table and Datagrids

Multi-line editing, with Word Wrapping. This is probably the most sought-after feature of the Flash datagrid, and which is sorely missing from Macromedia's Datagrid distribution.
Merge headers, change the background color of any given header, and apply HTML formatting to the cell header text, like italic and bold.
Format all data in a given column. For example, apply $ and ".00" formatting to price values in a column. When clicked, the "true" value of the cell is displayed.
Add powerful stylesheet support via external CSS files. This allows even more flexibility to the cell formatting than can be used with the limited HTML support that comes built-in to the datagrid.
The DataGrid Extensions download comes with Flash 6 AND Flash 7 versions. Some features, like CSS support, are only available in the Flash 7 version.
Add powerful event handling to any cell. For example, when clicked, the cell data can be passed to an Actionscript function of your choice.
An advanced API is included for your reference (for Flash 7 extensions). The Flash 6 version comes with a text file that lists all available functions.
Add horizontal scrolling to your datagrid.
Convenient MXP installer is provided (for Flash 7 version only), as well as .fla examples.
100% of the Flash source code is included (Actionscript source files). Thus, if you need to do something which isn't built-in to the datagrid extensions, you may be able to add it yourself, provided that you have a strong knowledge of Actionscript.
Add HTML to any cell by setting the "htmlDrawing" property.

Web Based Time Sheet

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Our web based timesheet is simple tool for monitoring your employee works. It is easy to maintain your data using backup feature.
Our Web based timesheet is a Simple Tool For Improving productivity. It can be used for multiple companies or can be used within a company with various departments,with varioius features.
Key Features/facts of Time Sheet
Z-Host TimeSheet is Simple and easy to use.
Web Based application. This Time Sheet can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
Daily Time Sheet Feature with option to toggle between Decimal Mode and Minutes Mode.
Weekly Status Entry Screen with Draft Saving feature.
Employee wise/Project wise/Datewise Time Report.
Defaulter list for forcing your employees to enter Time Sheet.
Backup Feature to keep your Time Sheet safe from unexpected data corruptions.
Ability to know the difference between the Estimated Hours and Actual Hours as well as finding difference between Estimated Budget and Actual Budget.
Tracking for vacation/leave of Employees.
Autocomplete feature to easily select required item from list in the Report module.
Option to export the TimeSheet Report in both pdf and csv files.
Can add Unlimited Users. No user-based license.

myLittleWriter ASP and ASP.Net Script

Free: No
Tags: ASP › Excel ASP.NET Text Editors

myLittleWriter allows you to easily create RTF files on the fly. You can use myLittleWriter in your ASP.NET pages, in your classic ASP pages or in your .NET applications.
Best of all, you DON'T NEED to have MS Word installed on the server to use myLittleWriter. myLittleWriter is very efficient when you need to create reports, invoices or quotes on the fly.
myLittleWriter generates real RTF files, which means that you can open generated files with almost all word processor softwares.
With myLittleWriter, you can manage :
page formatting including page size, margins...
font formatting including font name, size, color...
multi header and footer
field insertion including page count, page number, date, file size, file name...
table insertion
image insertion JPG and PNG format are supported
HTML-formatted text insertion a lot of tags like <B>, <I>, , are supported
HTML file insertion
list insertion, both numbered and bulleted

News Reader with Categories and Scroll AS3

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel News Readers

While the design of this news reader is clean and simple, the engine is quite complex and feature rich. Just go through all the options and youll understand why this is a very flexible and sturdy solution to your content display needs.
It is resizable (you can set the width and height in the xml) and the scroll bar will only appear if the content is larger than the designated heigh.
It supports css (cascading style sheet) and html formatting as well all of the common special characters (french, german, spanish etc.).
Since its html formatted you can add external images or swf files to your news !
Another cool feature is the fact that if the news title (on listing or details) is too long, it will be truncated automatically to fit the available space. This way youre sure youll never mess up the design, even with dynamically generated data.
All the colors can quickly be changed in the xml settings file and the design is quite easy to change within Flash/library.
It supports a virtually unlimited number of sections since the drop-down menu supports scrolling.

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