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Conditional Formatting: Calculate Date One Year Later From Another Date

Conditional Formatting: Calculate Date One Year Later From Another Date

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I have two columns; column L contains a date that a report has been received and column P needs to contain the date one year from the date entered in column L.
Does anyone know the conditional formatting, so that when I enter a date in column L, column P will auto populate with the date one year later?

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Basically what I am after is a basic table with name/company/Serial/Date.
What I need is a format by where every date I enter on that particular day is to expire and be highlighted after 1 year.
So if I put today's date that the contractor had completed a site induction, which is valid for a year, he then came back for example just over a years time he would then be highlighted and need to re-do the induction.
Also, how would I color code dates that are valid (within a year)?

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I need to format a column of cells to highlight red when the date (which is formatted to look like 15-Nov-10) is greater than 1 year.

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I will try my best to explain. I need to have conditional formatting as such: 3 cells in adjacent columns. first has name, second has text missed punch, third has date of error. I need the 3 cells to be removed(possibly to another worksheet in same workbook) when the date matures to one year old?
Hmm. Did I make sense?

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Somehow I know this is simple but cannot figure out the way to do it.
I have a long worksheet with various dates, some are current year and some are future years.
I want to format so that current year is yellow and future years are green.
Can someone help please with conditional formatting?.

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Can I use conditional formatting to take a date shown in A1 and calculate the date in cell A2 to read A1+ 30 and cell A3 to read A1+60 ETC. so when I fill in a1 all the dates show up automatically in other cells
Using Excel 2003

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