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conditional formatting based on date in adjacent cell

conditional formatting based on date in adjacent cell

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I have columns of figures with times like 5:52:54 and next to them cells with values that I wish to format based on the time.
that is if the time on the adjacent cell is before 8AM then make the value cell have a red border
it does not have to be conditional formatting - any ideas considered!
excel 2002 in win7/64

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Conditional formatting based on adjacent cell?

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I have a spreadsheet which needs a basic RAG format based on the cell adjacent.
For example column L contains the score, column M contains the empty box to be filled with colour based on the RAG status.
It should be formatted as follows:
Less than 18 = Green
18 = Amber
27 = Red
I'm not sure how to link it to the adjacent cell?

Conditional formatting based on adjacent cell values

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and thanks in advance for helping me out!
I have a set of 4 columns ( C to F) . I want the cell in C1 to be highlighted in a specific color (say red) if its value is LOWER THAN ALL the other values in D1 to F1). On the other hand, I want the cell in C1 to be highlighted another color (say green) if its value is HIGHER THAN ALL the other cell values in D1 to F1.
I've tried different methods but have been unable to accomplish this.

Conditional Formatting to Change Cell Colour Based on Date

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with applying conditional formatting in Excel 2003. I'm not sure how to apply conditional formatting.
I have three columns that contain dates and I need the cells to change colours based on whether there is a date in the corresponding cell of the next column and by how much time has lapsed since that date. I have attached a workbook with some examples of what I'm working on.

Conditional formatting based on value of adjacent cells

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here. I'm trying to analyze a fairly large set of cross tab data using conditional formatting. Basically, I'd like to create a rule with two conditions:
1. The row contains a cell that's labeled "Index"
2. The value in the cell that is 2 to the right of the Index cell has a value of over 110.
Any ideas how I should go about executing this?

Changing a cell colour when date in adjacent cell is >7days ago...?

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My last thread came back with no answers so I have made a few changes to my sheet hoping to make it possible.
How can I go about changing the colour of cell A1 when the date in B2 is more then 7 days old, then again to a new colour when it is 14days old. Im guessing it will be simply conditional formatting but cant quite get the formula right.
Or, if there is a way of doing this without using conditional formatting that would be better (because the date in B2 is only reading from another Tab, as conditional formatting wont read off another Tab, and I would rather not have to put in loads of new columns to read the date from other tabs on my front sheet.).
If you didn't see my first thread and think you can help then please see it <<HERE>>

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