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Conditional format to highlight only cells with formula, not const

Conditional format to highlight only cells with formula, not const

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I am trying to set up a spreadsheet that will change the cell color if the formula in the cell has been replaced with a specific value.
Is there any way to conditional format all cells that contain a formula, but

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conditional format - highlight cells equalling cell above

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I know how to conditional format, but not with formulas.
I went to Conditional Formatting - Highlight Cell Rules - More Rules - Use a formula
but didn't know where to go from there. For formula I entered =if(A2=A1) and left the formula at that, and then underneath pressed the format button to make the preview which color I wanted. But the formula itself is erroneous.

Highlight Unlike Cells (Conditional Format)?

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I was wondering if anybody knows how to highlight unlike cells when comparing data. I have check numbers that I would like to be highlighted if they have cleared the bank. I am dropping the checks that cleared next to all checks written and trying to have the ones in transit highlighted. They are on different rows and this is what is causing the most problems.

Conditional Format

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I'm over thinking this:
I need to conditionally format a cell(s) within a range of cells only if the nested formula contains an additional operator.
Cells in Column D are multiplied by the cells in Column E as a base, and displayed in Column F. Example F=(D3*E3)
Row 26 contains my FX Rate Multiplier.
What I am trying to do is to have the cells within the format range to be highlighted if the nested formula DOES NOT equal the base formula. Example F=(D3*E3)*B26
Basically, IF F=(D3*E3), then no highlight; If F=(D3*E3)*B26, then highlight.
I've tried IF, AND, NOT, OR and everything else I can think of. The only thing I have accomplished is to highlight the entire range instead of those that contain the FX multiplier.

Conditional Format a #N/A

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How can I use conditional formatting to highlight only the cells that contain #N/A after my formula has calculated? How do I write that formula?

Conditional format a column based on value in a different column

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How can I conditionally format (highlight) some cells in column E based on the values in column C of the same row?
I have no trouble highlighting a column based on it's values, but I need to highlight the cells in a column based on the values in a different column but the same row.
Example: If C1 is negative, highlight E1 in red.
If C2 is positive, highlight E2 in green.
If C6 = "B", highlight E6 in yellow, etc.
I'm having trouble having the value/formula in conditional formatting refer to a different cell, but cannot specify a specific cell for all rows, if that

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