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Computing for number of hours under Night Differential

Computing for number of hours under Night Differential

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How do I compute for the number of hours that fall into the Night Differential hours within an employees shift? In one cell is the shift start time of an employee and on the other cell is the shift end time. There is no constant number of hours that an employee should complete. Night Differential time starts at 10:00 PM and ends at 6:00AM.

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How to calculate night shift hours?

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I am just a newbie here. I want to ask for your help. I was tasked to make our time report sheet and they want to indicate the number of hours worked between 10pm to 6 am (column in RED) for purposes of computing the night shift differential.
I am attaching the excel file.

How to calculate Night Differential

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I have two cells in my Excel file that contains the Start and Stop time, I was able to get the time difference between the 2 cells. Their cell format is dd/mm/yy 00:00 PM/AM (Custom).
I want to get the time differential (night shift) between the two cells but I can't figure it out. Night shift starts at 10:00 PM - 6:00 AM (next day), please see sample below.
C2: 08-July-2010 8:00 PM (Start)
D2: 09-July-2010 8:00 AM (Stop)
Would appreciate if you could help me build a formula to get the time accumulated for night differential.

Computing VTO Hours

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Need a help on this query: I need to compute the number of Voluntary Time Off within 8 hours shift.
B4 = 5:00 PM - 2:00 AM <-- Shift Line
B5 = 5:00 PM <-- log in time
C5 = 12:11 AM <-- log out time due to VTO
D5 = 1:49 <-- VTO hours
How will I be able to do this to avoid computing it manually?

Nested if statement

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I am not sure how to write the formula which will return the meal allowance and night differential rate for each of the employees who worked overtime.
Regular working days and hours are : M-F, 8-5 pm
An employee is entitled to receive a $5 meal allowance if:
- On Holidays and Weekends : Overtime worked went beyond 12nn or 7pm (a total of $10 if worked before 12nn until past 7pm;
- On Regular days (M-F): Overtime worked beyond 7pm
The night differential rate is earned if overtime worked is rendered beyond 10pm on any day.
I have attached a sample worksheet that I am working on.

Computing the Hours Worked

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I have attached a file. In our office we have an 8hr workday that's 8am-5pm. However, we have this what we call as flextime wherein we can come to work late for up to 30mins that's up to 8:30 provided that we will go out 30mins late as wee that's up to 5:30. We also have a 1hr (12nn-1pm) lunch break from which we can time in/out between 12NN-1PM.
My problem is: how to compute for the total number of work hours and minutes (this is in case the employee goes under time or beyond flextime)?

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