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Comparing values in two columns on two sheets

Comparing values in two columns on two sheets

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I am not sure how to do this, but I'm hoping some of you Excel braininess can help me out.
I have 2 Sheets in an Excel 2007 file.
Sheet 1 is our Price Book and has two columns - "Part #" and "Part Price"
Sheet 2 is our Sales Record and has two columns - "Part #" and "Actual Sold Price"
I would like to add a third column to Sheet 2 - "Price Difference". I would like this column to take a Part #, find it on Sheet 1, and display the corresponding "Part Price". Ideally, this formula would calculate the difference between the Part Price and the Actual Sold Price, either in a dollar amount or a percentage.

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I've been searching around and haven't been able to find an answer for this particular issue so Im hoping someone can it is
I have 2 sheets with columns of data, on both sheets in the 1st column I have an ID and the other columns have dates in them.
What I want to do is highlight a date on the first sheet if it differs to the date on the 2nd sheet but the check also needs to ensure the ID matches.
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Sheet A:-
abcd 03/10/12
waxy 03/10/12
Sheet B:-
abcd 03/10/12
waxy 03/11/12
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