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Comparing data between 2 sheets to find duplicates

Comparing data between 2 sheets to find duplicates

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I have 2 spreadsheets, one with our current database of about 4500 names and emails and another of about 2500 names and emails. I need to compare the 2 sheets to find any duplicate emails that are on the database sheet and on the 2500 sheet.
Once I find the emails on the 2500 sheet that are already in our database, I need to remove them from the 2500 sheet.

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comparing multiple columns for duplicates

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I am trying to find duplicates between two worksheets where there are three column comparisons. I have attached an example.
In the "Manual" the two red entries are also found on the Computer tab.
Is there a formula I can use to either do a conditional format or flag for duplicates? Example12-6.xlsx

comparing two columns revisited

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Now I need to find a way to show data in 3 columns. The first column has id #s and the second is a sub category of that. The third column is a shorter list of duplicates of the second. I need to show which are duplicates and what Id they are under.

comparing and isolating duplicates in two columns

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If I have values in column A, and values in column B, is there a quick and easy formula that will isolate the duplicates--the values that are identical--in the two columns? It's basically comparing 2 lists, names for example, and trying to cross reference them.

Comparing 2 sheets to find differences

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I've got two worksheets each with around 700 rows. They are lists of contact and policy information. The policy number (text) is unique to each row and I need to know what is in sheet A that is not in sheet B and what is in Sheet B that is not in sheet A. Is there an easy way to do this. I'm familiar with Access and it would seem that a simple SELECT FROM A NOT IN B would work, but how is this accomplished in Excel.

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I have too workbooks that I need to compare. I would like to find the duplicates from each and put them in another workbook.
here are the prams:
in col c -workbook old are a list of training tools used in one area
in col d -workbook new are a list of training tools used in another area.
in the new workbook I would like to pull the data into it and the use conditional formatting to highlight the duplicates.

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