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compare columns in two different sheets

compare columns in two different sheets

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I have a list of zip codes from our main address database sheet that I need to compare against a particular service area based on zip codes that are in another sheet. If the zip code from the service area sheet is present in our address database I need it to return a certain word in a new column. What is the best formula to compare the zip codes in these two columns to get my end result? Thanks in advance for all your

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Compare Multiple Columns with Multiple sheets

Free: Yes
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I've been working on excel for a while now but more recently been working on a workbook with multiple sheets.
What I'm wondering is if its possible to compare data in column 1 & 2 of sheet 1 to column 1 & 2 of sheet 2 and display those that match in sheet 3. I'm working with mobile phone numbers and would like to be able to identify common numbers that appear in both sheets.

Compare 2 columns in 2 sheets then enter data from a 3rd cell? Help!

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I have read several posts and spent several hours trying to do this so I am desperately hoping someone can help
I have 2 sheets and I am trying to put the values in column B from sheet 2 in to column B in sheet 1 based on the booking references (Column A in both sheets)
Please can you advise what formula I need to use, I have tried if and match and vlook up but just don't seem to be able to get it to work.

Compare sheets

Free: Yes
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Excel Users
I am very new to this, so this will be a simple answer hopefully that I can solve a large issue.
I have data in sheet 1, from A columns to I and rows 1 to 150
In sheet 2 I have the data in the same area but some of the values are different.
Is there a function to compare that data that's in sheet 1 to sheet 2 and highlight the cells in sheet 2 that have changed value.
This will help me a great deal

Compare two sheets and combine into one

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I have two spread sheets and I would like to use a common column between the two to create a combination / compare new sheet. This sheet would use the common column as the reference column but also compare the information in 2 other common columns

Compare sheets

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I need to know the command that will compare two sheets that have names on them. On a 3rd spreadsheet I would like to have a command that will place all the names that match on the two rev. sheets and show the names on the third sheet.

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Compare And Contrast XML Image Gallery

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The Compare and Contrast XML Image Gallery lets the user compare two images at once. It has thumbnails which the user can drag and drop into two larger image areas that also have a one-line description area. The user can also click the larger images which makes them size up to a full browser size. You can have as many thumbnails/images as you want and as many category gallery pages as the width of your gallery can hold.
AS3 only. Opens with Flash CS3 .
Step by step instructions are included and code is commented. Also, two html files are included to demonstrate SWF embedding for both full browser and fixed size.

Products Comparison Table

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Products Comparison Table v 1.0 is a swf application which can be included into any html or Flash site along or with other elements on the page. This Table basically designed to compare different products but can be used in other ways when you need to compare some lists of values.

Flexible Image Compare | Before & After

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Here is one of most perfect flash utility for users looking to the difference between two images(jpg/gif/png/swf) and easy to understand manner.
Its a flex actionscript project, but if you want, you can compile it by flash cs4+ by opening and publishing the main.fla in the src folder.
1. Resizable, You can display this flash utility in variable size by setting the players size in the embed code, even in the runtime.
2. Scalable, The two images you want to compare can be freely scaled by the scale slider bar.
3. Draggable, If the images is too large to be displayed in all, then draggable feature is auto enabled, user can drag the image to compare specified area in detail.
4. Full Screen, A large full screen view can let user very easily to compare two images without surroundings.
5. Two view mode, Mode A: Place two images on top of each other and by dragging the slider-bar the viewer can hide and reveal each image allowing both images to be compared. Mode B: Place two images side by side.
6. The published size is only 32kb which means it can be loaded in no time.
7. Skinnable: you can make a skin by editing and publishing the skin.fla in the libs folder.
8. Configurable, The features can be configured by a simple XML file. You actually no need to know the action script or flash, just configure it.

Keyword Analyzer

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This powerful keyword analyzer can analyze any page you provide it and compare keywords against the data. The benefits of this script are:
Allows for you to check competition with keywords to see how they rank, allowing you to compare it to your website and alter it as needed -Allows for you to enter any website to be analyzed -Allows for you to enter as many keywords as you would like to analyze -Scans the entire pages content and provides the best ranked keywords

Host Evaluator

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Finally there is a way that you can analyze web hosts before you pull out your credit card and make the move. With the Host Evaluator software you can add the web hosting plans you want to compare, and test out the servers of the company who you are potentially going to buy hosting services from. Using Host Evaluators intuitive interface you can analyze the best hosts based on many of the important attributes that you seek in a good hosting environment. This includes storage space, bandwidth, 12-month cost, e-mail, support, redundancy, features, connection speed and uptime. After this, you can choose which plans you want to compare, weight your attributes according to your needs and the Host Evaluator will generate a table with the best host.

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