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Command Button Control

Command Button Control

Price: FREE

I cant seem to find a way to hide the command button control. Basically, I have a excel workbook that has some buttons and macros in it. I want to buttons hidden unless macros are active but it's difficult to do that if the buttons don't hide.
Also, is there a way to test if macros are enabled? Like on workbook load show.butons. Load would work, if that event exists.
p.s. I am using Excel 2007. Should this be in the .net forum?

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I have created inserted a Button and assigned a Macro to it.
I have tried Form Control Command Button and Active ControlX Command Button but encountering the following problems.
The Buttons do not work when the sheet is protected. How can I overcome
The Form Control Button does not allow me to Colour the Button, so I assume I have to replace it with a Active Control X Command Button, but how do I assign a Macro to this. I don't get the option when I right

Command Button for Macro on the Toolbar

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I have a couple of questions
I know how to create a command button using The Control Toolbox
1. How do I record a macro and assign it to this command button 2. How do I get the command button to sit on my toolbar.

Command Button in Excel For Mac?

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I've a Mac. and got Excel (2011) installed on it. I'm trying to place an ActiveX Control Command Button on it, but in vain. Any clue, if this option is available for Excel on Mac.
On a Windows machine, this is what I would have done
Developer > Insert > ActiveX Control > Command Button (This is for Excel 2010)

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Erosion of Worksheet-Placed Active X Control

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In the attached jpeg I have placed two Active X Control Command Buttons directly into my worksheet as opposed to a form. Upon subsequent use, the interior of the command button gets distorted and grows to a larger size and eventually becomes unreadable.
If I go to design mode and move the command button slightly, the printing returns to its original size.
How do I prevent this distortion form happening?

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