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Combining VLOOKUP and SUMIF (or other)

Combining VLOOKUP and SUMIF (or other)

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I just joined so please redirect me if I am in the wrong place.
I have 2 files.see attached. There is a lot more information and columns but for these purposes, File 2 shows the same ID number (67890) with a value in different criteria. I'm looking for a way to VLOOKUP in File 2 and combine the value all of the ID numbers that are the same and put them in File 1.
Thank you for any help, suggestions, or referrals.

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vlookup and sumif

Free: Yes
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I have a list of product numbers
the next column over I use vlookup to search through a different workbook to find the price. I end up with something like
22 #N/A
At the end I use sumif to add them all up. The problem is that it only adds unique entries.
The total of the above would be $323 not $623
example of my vlookup:
=VLOOKUP(T80,'[Controls Inventory.xlsx]Sheet1'!$B:$G,6,FALSE)
example of my sumif:
Seems like I'm not understanding a basic concept of the sumif formula.


Free: Yes
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with a Vlookup and Sumif (I think).
What I need to do is lookup the company name from the list and add them into the table if the dates are feb, march, April etc. My problem is, that there are different dates for each month so thats where im getting stuck.
I have attached the sample and I need the information to come from the source table to the right of the table.

Combining SUMIF with SUMPRODUCT function

Free: Yes
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please! I am summing alternate rows in a spreadsheet, e.g.
but I only want to include the rows in column F where there is a particular bit of text in Column C (in this case "GARD").
This formula adds all the rows where there is "GARD" in column C:
But can it be amended so that it will add alternate rows only?

Combining If statement and vlookup

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I am trying to look up a value and return the value in the next column, however if the lookup value does not appear, then lookup the value in a separate column. I have excel 2003.

sumif, vlookup, index??

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have tried combining a number of formulas to give me a combination of text results but am very unsuccessful right now.
Data is as below:
A1 Joe ; B1 A
A2 Peter ; B2 B
A3 Aka ; B3 C
A4 Lew ; B4 A
A5 Ken ; B5 B
A6 Ray ; B6 C
A7 Joe ; B7 A
A8 Peter ; B8 B
A9 Aka ; B9 B
A10 Lew ; B10 C
A11 Ken ; B11 C
A12 Joe ; B12 A
D1 Joe ; E1 A,A,A
D2 Peter ; E2 B,B,
D3 Aka ; E3 C,B,
D4 Lew ; E4 A,C
D5 Ken ; E5 B,C
I want a formula that can give me exact results in E1 to E6 when D1 to D6 are looked up in A1 to A12 & B1 to B12. Note semi colons are just used to separate columns (not part of data).

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