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Combining If statement and vlookup

Combining If statement and vlookup

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I am trying to look up a value and return the value in the next column, however if the lookup value does not appear, then lookup the value in a separate column. I have excel 2003.

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Combining Or Statements (or If Any Statement)

Free: Yes
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I have a sheet that needs an IF statement. Right now it reads [=if(or(a3="-", c3="-", e3="-"), "-", sum(a3,c3,e3))]. It works great. Now I need to expand my criteria by a lot. The same rules apply and I want the same result, but I will have 20 criteria.(g3, i3, k3.). Is there a way to combine an OR statement to simplify the formula.[=if(or(a3,c3,e3="-", .)] or even use some sort of IFANY.[=ifany(a3,c3,e3="-", Then , Else)] statement to check all the cells without having to type out each one?

Combining VLOOKUP and SUMIF (or other)

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I just joined so please redirect me if I am in the wrong place.
I have 2 files.see attached. There is a lot more information and columns but for these purposes, File 2 shows the same ID number (67890) with a value in different criteria. I'm looking for a way to VLOOKUP in File 2 and combine the value all of the ID numbers that are the same and put them in File 1.
Thank you for any help, suggestions, or referrals.

Combining formulas

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Is it possible to combine an IF statement with the VLOOKUP?
I don't get any error messages, but can't get the formula to work either.

Combining two IF statements into one IF statement

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I can't seem to figure out how to combine these two simple IF statements. Is if Friday yet?

Combining VLOOKUP and IF formula to return a $ value

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have this spreadsheet (attached) column c has a Vlookup formula, and D has an IF formula. How can I join the 2 formula's and still return a dollar value?
I have had the C column come back as a $ value, but then I struggle to join the IF formula to it. I have a formula that adds the 2 columns together, but im wondering if it is possible for column C to have both of the formula's instead of having 3 different columns to produce the result im after?

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