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combine/merge 2 worksheet (tabs) into 1 work sheet

combine/merge 2 worksheet (tabs) into 1 work sheet

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after reading countless forum discussions, I am still very confused for something that should be fairly simple!
I have a workbook file with several work sheets (tab) that have data comparing two year revenue income. And now we need to compare them side by side vertically. I tried consolidation but it doesn't work. VB is too hard. I can't imagine doing cut and paste for 40 tabs.
worksheet (tab1) shows year, number and ratio
worksheet (tab2) shows
what I would like to see is

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I have data in one worksheet that has the same id number in column A as different data in another worksheet, how do I combine or merge or link the 2 worksheets so I have all the columns of data from both worksheets in one worksheets linked by the common id number.
I have tried lookups it doesn't work for me
the ids are located in a2:a300 in each sheet , the other columns are different and not all ids are present in each worksheet.
I believe this can be done with software called ActiveData, but I don't want to pay $250 for this.

Counting worksheet tabs

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I am trying to write a macro that would combine all of the worksheet tabs onto 1 worksheet so that I can then create a pivot table on the data to sum it up. However, from spreadsheet to spreadsheet, the number of tabs will be different. How should I do this?

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Since you were all so wonderful with my last problem, I was hoping you could help me again.
What I am trying to do is insert an images into a cells and then merge them together.
To put this into context, I have images of hose fittings and hoses. I would like to have a column of Inlets, a column of Hose Types, and a column of Outlets. I have the images for these three columns and I would like to have a fourth column that is an image of the whole assembly, Inlet-Hose-Outlet that uses the first 3 images merged together. I could do this with Photo shop or something but the shear number of images I need to create would take weeks!
I know you can combine data by using '&' but the images don't work in the same way that regular data does, so maybe I have to insert the images in a special way?

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