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Combine two rows of data into one row

Combine two rows of data into one row

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My colleague has a data extract that has information belonging to one customer over two rows. What we would like to do is bring each set together so that for each customer there is only one row. I have Googled and searched the forum and the closest thing to this I can find is splitting one row into two using the "OFFSET" function.
This report is received weekly and will end up with around 500 entries so a solution with as little manual input as possible would be much appreciated!
Let me know if you require a sample

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Combining one row into two

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Is there a way to combine row A and B into one row? For example, I have data in both rows, both numeric and words. Both rows are for the same borrower. I am trying to
combine row A and B into one row that has all the data both A and B had.
I know I can cut and paste each line, but the spreadsheet is large. Any

Making two lines into one

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Is there a way to combine row A and B into one row? For example, I have data in both rows. Both rows are for the same borrower. I am trying to combine row A and B into one row that has all the data both A and B had.
I know I can cut and paste each line, but the spreadsheet is large. Any

Macro Help: Combine Rows With Matching Data

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I have a spreadsheet with five columns and hundreds of rows. In Column A and B I have a row of names, and C, D and E contain numerals. The sheet looks like this.
Row 2 Bob Smith 10 2 1
Row 3 Bob Smith 20 4 1
Row 4 Bob Smith 10 4 1
Row 5 Tom Howard 15 5 1
Row 6 Tom Howard 15 5 1
Row 7 Jen Fisher 7 6 1
Row 8 Jen Fisher 12 8 1
Is there a macro that can use the concatenate function to combine columns A and B, and roll up C, D and E if the row beneath matches the row above? The result would look like this.
Row 2 Bob Smith 40 10 3
Row 3 Tom Howard 30 10 2
Row 4 Jen Fisher 19 14 2
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your responses.

Search and Combine Rows

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I have a spreadsheet that has multiple rows and two Columns. A1 =
Server name, B1 = email address of the server owner. The problem is that servers have multiple owners so one server could have 7 rows. What I would like to do is to concatenate all the email addresses, so I have one row per server.
For example here is the existing data:
Row = Column1, Column2
Row 1 = Server1,
Row 2 = Server1,
Row 3 = Server1,
Row 4 = Server1,
Row 5 = Server2,
Row 6 = Server2,
Row 7 = Server3,
What I would like to have is:
Row 1 = Server1, ; ;
Row 2 = Server2, ;
Row 3 = Row 7 = Server3,
I am not familiar with macros, is there any way of doing this with

Combine multiple rows to one row

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If Incident and ID have more than one row I need to combine them.
My Table currently looks like this:
Incident | ID | Charges
1234 | 4321 | A
1234 | 4321 | N
1234 | 4321 | S
1800 | 8548 | A
1900 | 5479 | S
I want it to look like this:
Incident | ID | Charge 1 | Charge 2 | Charge 3

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