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Combine several spreadsheets with multiple worksheets into 1 file

Combine several spreadsheets with multiple worksheets into 1 file

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Is their a way to combine several different spreadsheets with multiple worksheets into one file. I want one large file that you can open and view several different reports at the same time.

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Combine Multiple Spreadsheet into One

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How can I combine multiple spreadsheets into one. I can do this easily is the files are csv file.
I have about 375 files. here

Automate Combine 2 Spreadsheets into two worksheets

Free: Yes
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Is there any way to automate using a macro the procedure to combine two separate workbooks into one workbook where the separate workbooks are now on separate worksheets? I know how to manually do this but need to automate this for our operators who will be running this process on a weekly bases. I'm capturing conditional data using MONARCH, exporting it out to a flat file, importing flat file into an ACCESS program slices & dices the information according to the requirements then exports it out into two separate workbooks. Since I'm trying to avoid these operators from having to open any files to manually manipulate the data (too time consuming - it produces over 20 files) I'm looking for other alternatives.

Combine all worksheets into one worksheet?

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I've got an Excel file with multiple worksheets. I'd like to copy and paste the cells from each worksheet that has data into one worksheet to combine them all.

how do I combine multiple worksheets into one? not summarize

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I have multiple worksheets from the 'old' XL that max at 65k rows. I want to combine all of the data into one worksheet using the new XL that allows 1mil rows of data. from there I will manipulate, make changes, then create pivots

How do I combine two worksheets in Excel?

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We are needing to combine data from several spreadsheets into one or somehow create a link that can help keep us updated in order to keep track of what is going on with production and where our jobs are standing? can anybody help or walk me through this I am still newt excel. Thank you for anything you can

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CSS and Javascript minifier is an easy to use PHP script that will combine multiple files together and compress the contents of these files.
Combining multiple files together saves on HTTP requests and will therefore speed up your page loading times.
Compressing the CSS and JS files will reduce the size of the files and will also speed up your page loading time.
Speeding up your page loading times will make for a better experience for your users and will make it easier to be crawled by search engines.
All you have to do is provide the CSS and JS files tell it how you want the output and the PHP class will do the rest.
Improve page loading time, which leads to happier users and better SEO . Reduce file sizes. Reduce HTTP Requests. Combine multiple CSS and JS files into 1 file. On fly compression. Caches On Page Compression. Download compressed files.

PDF Merger Splitter

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PDF Splitter & Merger is a handy and user-friendly PDF tool, making splitting and merging PDFs very effortless. Merge PDF documents & files in a group in any sequence to make single organized document. And split single PDF file in to as many files as you need with single pages or any number of pages files. Combine various pdf e-books to make single one or split the pdf file in to lighter files or single pages based on page ranges or page number.
PDF Splitter & Merger is a PDF tool which is developed for easy and nimble access to the useful information in the PDF documents. It is helpful to arrange different files by merging them in a order. It makes the file lighter by selecting the useful pages of file using Splitting function and makes the file easy to handle and transfer. With the ability to split PDF files into separate documents, either by page range or page numbers, and merge an unlimited number of PDF documents into a single PDF file, our solution helps you to gain control over all your PDF files.

IAM-XLS: Excel Spreadsheets in PHP

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IAM-XLS is a PHP class for generating an XLS file. Alternatively, it can be used for performing a query dump and sending it to the browser as an Excel File. It allows the user to enter text and numeric values into a Excel spreadsheet. It has browser and OS detection capabilities for appropriate handling of downloads (content-type, etc.).
This class is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), so feel free to use it, modify it as you want.

Ajax Multi Upload

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Ajax Multiple File Upload is a jQuery plugin that allows multiple or single file uploads on your website.
Implementation requires only four short steps:
1. upload required files to server
2. attach them to a website
3. create upload folder on server
4. place uploader on website
Plugin is easy to customize. You can:
upload single or multiple files at once, specify file type filter, specify after upload action, custom browse and upload buttons, limit upload file size, and much more

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Split Merge PDF files with PDF splitter & Merger Software phenomenally combine pages from the input PDFs to create a new PDF and split a file in to single pages as well as multiple pages, small in size pdf files based upon the page ranges & page numbers. It is easier, simplest and light weight software that combines two or more Acrobat PDF files into a single PDF document. PDF Splitter and merger is software to split multi-page PDF document into single page PDF document.
Split Merge PDF is stand alone software which provides both facility splitting and merging. Merger function has capability to merge more than one file in to one PDF file and save it to user defined location. Splitter Function has ability to split one PDF file in to single page as well as multiple pages PDF document according to user requirement. Both functions have page range option which is used to merge or split page number. PDF splitter and merger don't need any software such as adobe acrobat. Software comes with graphical user interface so that any one uses this application with any help or any technical knowledge.

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