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Cluster Column Chart with floating gap

Cluster Column Chart with floating gap

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I have a problem regarding a cluster column chart with floating gap (for an example, see I want this process to be automatic, e.g. I don't want to manually change border color and fill color (and the other manual adjustments needed in the above example). Is it possible to make such a chart automatic, I guess with VBA?

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I am trying to create a floating chart that clusters various asset classes together by time period, i.e. I want a stock and bond floating chart for 1 year, 5 year etc. I can do the floating bar chart, but I cannot get my charts to cluster together.

Cluster Column Charts

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I have created a cluster column chart based on start date of an event. I have 40 events I am reporting with different start dates. My series or bars are very thin, no matter how much I increase or decrease the gap size or chart size. How do I widen the bars ?

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Is it possible to create a vertical floating bar chart, where the start of the bars value will equal the value in column b and the end of the bars value equal the value of column C (the length of the bar when then represent the gap within B & C)?
Here is my data table (so I would have 5 separate bars)

Floating column lookalike chart

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Anyone know how I could recreate the attached chart I've pulled form a report? It looks like some kind of floating columns chart at first but there is no data under the coloured columns. I wouldn't know how to create floating columns in any case, just floating bars. (I'm on 2003).

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If possible I need to show two values per column on a standard cluster chart.
i.e. Breakdown of Catholic attendees into children & adult, but in one Catholic Column.
I can change the chart type if needed. Any advice would be greatly
Cheers from Down Under

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