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"Click to Add Data"?? What is this?

"Click to Add Data"?? What is this?

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I downloaded a spreadsheet off Microsoft website, and the worksheet had multiple sections with a title that displayed "Click Here to Add Data". What are these sections and what are they supposed to do? Can you point me to some help information that can clarify?BillingStatement1.xlsx

Visit publisher's web-site: "Click to Add Data"?? What is this?

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Check off Box??

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

Can I add a "check off box" into a document. I am trying to add a box that I can click and as I go through a document. As I "click or check-off" a box, the column will add those rows that have been checked. I know how to use the "IF" function, but I want the user to just be able to click the box as apposed to writing something in the box that would trigger the value in the row to be added into the total.

Adding multiple series to charts

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

My, the sign-on process was annoying! I had to click "allow this" 12 times after I started counting, just so I could ask this question.
In Excel 2007, how do I add multiple series of data to a scatter chart? It
appears to only allow you to add one series at a time.
I have a worksheet with data in columns. If I add some columns of data to the and want them to appear on the chart, the only way I've found to do this is to right click, choose "select data", "add" and then individually enter the X and Y ranges for each series, one at a time.
It has no problem creating a chart with multiple series at one time, why is this different? This was much easier in Excel 2003.
So annoying, but until I can dump this job my workplace makes me use

Adding Data

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I was wondering if I can add specific list to every line.
AM <-- after AM, "add KM"
AM<-- after AM, "add KM"
AM<-- after AM, "add KM"
*command that can " add KM to after "every" AM"
I do not know much of VBA. so if there is a way to do it with simple formula,

Using "On Click" or "On Dbl Click" in a Switchboard

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Tags: Access › Excel

I read that we have a choice of activating On Click, On Dbl Click, or activating both options simultaneously as they are mutually compatible. The ref does not provide a rationale for choosing either option or both options. Is the choice of design made entirely by personal preference, or is there some advantage gained by choosing one function over the other, or using both simultaneously?

expanding button

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I received a excel file, where there is "+" sign on the left. If I click it,
it expands and click it again collapses. What is that for?
Also I see "1", "2" on the top left. If I click "1" all the "+" expand and
if I click "2" all of them collapse.
What is the difference in these two formulas:

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jActivating "Click to activate and use this control"

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Tags: JavaScript › Excel Flash

It is a small and unobtrusive JavaScript code to fix "Click to activate and use this control" issue, allowing website users to interact with embedded content (Flash movies, Quicktime movies, Java applets and more) without activating them manually. This procedure started to be required by the latest versions of Internet Explorer (6+) and Opera (9+) as a result of the Eolas Technologies patent ruling (other browsers don't require it... yet).

Facebook Integration for Dreamweaver

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Tags: DreamWeaver › Excel FaceBook

Facebook Integration for Dreamweaver is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver that facilitates automatic insertion of Facebook content (notifications, status updates and posted items) into your website. Besides, as an additional function, it allows to add a "share" button to your webpage so that your readers can add it to their own Facebook in a single click.

Christmas eCard

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Tags: Flash › Excel E-Cards

To change the main copy: double click the movieclip on the "header" layer. First layer of this mc is the "seasons greetings". Second is the "your text here".

Disable Right Click on Your Website

Free: Yes
Tags: JavaScript › Excel Security

Use this code to disable the ability of visitors to your site from being able to use the "Right-Click" function to save images from your web site.

XML Bounce Gallery AS2

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Image Galleries

Simple scroller image gallery that loads dynamically from the XML file.
- auto scroll images with mouse move
- supports gif, jpg or png
- simple to edit/add or remove images; just open the "images.xml" file.
- when you click on the image it takes you to the link you specify;
- you can add a tag label
- you can add images of any size, but the best resolution is 200x150 or higher.

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