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Claculating Annual Turnover forma Quarter

Claculating Annual Turnover forma Quarter

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Does anyone know the formula to calculate the annual turnover rate based on a current quarterly percentage?

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How can I set month/quarter/annual date intervals

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I have data collected on a daily basis (for work days) over several years, and I want to plot it on an X-Y plot versus date. I would like the monthly intervals showing on the scale to be like 1/1/04, 2/1/04, 3/1/04, etc.
Similarly, for annual intervals, 1/1/03, 1/1/04, 1/1/05, etc. Excel just wants to put in the same number of days for the intervals.

Turnover Formula

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I am trying to do a CountIf formula to calculate the amount of turnover in 30, 60, and 90 days.
I currently have a roster with a Higher Date and their termination date.

Conditional averages

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I have in a row (adjacent coloumns)months & quarters (Jan, Feb, March, quarter 1.upto Quarter 4 and then year total). I want to calculate the annual average ignoring the quarter figures and the blank cells also. Pl

Finding year end applicable for each quarter

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I have a list of quarters as below
Also there are year ending dates as
Dates are in YY MM format.
While using quarterly data for 200306, 200309 and 200312 . I need to use annual data for 200303 as those are the latest annual numbers available with me.
So I want to find match year end and quarters in excel so that I can use formula to continue with my work. Attached excel for better understanding .

How to equal a cell in another worksheet incl fill colour

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I have four active worksheets (one for each Quarter) and one Annual worksheet which displays all the information of the Quarterly sheets.
The annual worksheet cells equal the same cell on the quarterly sheet. It replicates the value but I need it to also replicate the fill colour of the cell (as the shading is used to reflect the stage at which the booking is at).
As the quarter worksheets are active, the values and fill colours regularly change and it needs to be reflected in the annual. This also means a copy and paste special is not possible.
If anyone knows how to equal the value and formatting of a cell, please let

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17,000+ businesses worldwide use Instant Flipbook to enhance their static PDF's and publish a dynamic flipbook for themselves or their clients. In the 3+ years we're operating, we converted more than 1.5 million flip book pages for our clients.

NFL SuperBowl Squares

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Are you ready for championship football? With this free scripts, you can start running an NFL Super Bowl Squares for your office or group of friend in just a few minutes, provided that you have some good knowledge and access to PHP and MySQL. It's the paperless way to have fun with the traditional superbowl squares.
Features: user can select as many squares as wanted; email will send out to confirm; admin will confirm when payment is recieved. Randomly select numbers when all squares are taken. Easy admin setting for each square's bet, percentage payout per quarter

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Additional payment calculator
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Monthly payment calculator
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How much do I have to earn?
Not sure how much money you'll have to earn to afford your house payment and accompanying expenses?
How much can I borrow?
Want to know how big of a mortgage you can take on?
Should I pay discount points?
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VCalendar: Virtual Web Calendar

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VCalendar (Virtual Web Calendar) is an open source Web calendar application for posting and maintaining events and schedules online, in calendar format. This is an excellent and free solution for use by online Web communities and any commercial and non-commercial organizations. Unlike any other online calendars, VCalendar comes with source code in multiple programming languages: PHP, ASP and ASP.NET (C#); with potential for adding more technologies in the future.
Some of the advanced features of VCalendar include:
Localization features, with initial Internationalization in English, Russian and German, with language selectable by end-users
Dynamic CSS (stylesheet) styles, selectable by end-users
Annual, monthly, weekly and daily calendar views
Multiple categories for classifying calendar events
Recurring and all-day events
Role-based user permissions and calendar configuration

Unit Command Climate Assessment and Survey System

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The Unit Command Climate Assessment and Survey System (UCCASS) (pronounced yoo-kas) is a PHP based survey script that allows you to create online surveys. Originally designed for organizations to administer Command Climate Assessments (annual surveys), the program can be used to create any type of online survey or questionnaire.
Some of the features of UCCASS include:
Web-based installation
Smarty template engine and ADOdb database abstraction layer
Unlimited surveys, questions, and answers with public and private surveys and results
Answers can be large or small text areas, multiple choice with the ability to choose one or more answers, and matrix (or grid) type layouts and questions can be marked as required or optional
Dependencies allow questions to be hidden or required based upon answers to previous questions, creating the ability to have separate branches in the survey
Survey results shown as bar graphs with customizable images for each answer
Survey results filtered according to the results of any question (you can view the results of all the questions just for those users to answered a specific question or questions with a specific answer or answers)
Create a new survey from scratch or copy an existing survey so you don't have to recreate all of your work

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