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choose table_array in VLOOKUP from list of multiple worksheets?

choose table_array in VLOOKUP from list of multiple worksheets?

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I'm looking to search multiple worksheets label by date using the vlookup function. I'm using the drop down, and I want to know if there is a way to reference the drop down to a list of ranges, or have that drop down be a changing reference to in the table_array section of the vlookup function.

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Table_Array arg for VLOOKUP

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In Excel 2003, I could define the Table_Array argument for the VLOOKUP function by selecting a second workbook after the VLOOKUP argument pull down was activated. I am unable to repeat this with Excel 2007. anybody know a

Vlookup question

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I am wondering is it possible to use a variable value for the table_array input on a counterargument.
So for instance the vlookup argument is
=vlookup(lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, [range_lookup])
and I would like to have one of several arrays used depending what is selected in a drop down box.
Can this be done or could someone suggest a different way of doing it.

Table_array and drop down boxes

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I am working on a lookup formula and having trouble. I am trying to link the table_array portion of the vlookup to the selection made in a drop down box. Think of it this way.I have 50 tables set up, one for each state, if a person selects the state of Ohio from the list the table array will now have the name of Ohio seas only in that table.
=vlookup(sales tax,result from drop down box, 2)
if I type in =vlookup(sales tax, Ohio,2) I get the results I need.

LOOKUP across Multiple Sheets

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I have a single (large) workbook, with multiple worksheets (all same layout and format).
These multiple sheets show data being returned from multiple sources. I have to cross-check another sheet of unique reference numbers to see if they exist in any of the multiple sheets.
I've been using the VLOOKUP function with success, but to do this I have been consolidating (Using cut & paste) the multiple sheets into one. The multiples are getting larger and larger (over 15 sheets) now. Is there a way of searching for a cells contents (lookup_value) across multiple data sources (Table_array across multiple sheets) and returning a result (or even a #N/A - at least I'd know if the unique ref exists!).
If there's another function other than VLOOKUP then I'm happy to adapt!

How do I reference a "range" for a specific table_array in VLOOKUP

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I am using a drop down menu in A1 to reference 28 different table "ranges" that I've named (end entered data into) on another sheet.
In A2, I use a dropdown menu to select the Row I will be VLOOKUP(ing) from the table range I selected in A1.
In A3, I would like to the use VLOOKUP and have it read the Text for the range name I've selected in A1, and enter that into the table_array position.
How do I have it "read" text and insert that variable text into the table_array position?
Does my question even make sense?

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