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check if an object exists using vba

check if an object exists using vba

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I need to find out if a drop down by the name "drp1" exists or not. Is it possible to check this?
I have created the drop down using script.

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Check if an object property exist

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › VBA

Is there a way to check if an object property exists from VBA?

Excel VBA Check if IE Web page exists

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › VBA

I've got a bunch of links that I would periodically want to check and see if the web pages still exist for them, whats the best method of checking to see if they exist?
My initial thought is creating an ie object navigating to the page and possibly checking url name or something

Is there a way to test if a file exists in Excel VBA

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › VBA

Running into a problem -- Generating filename in my code but need to check if the file exists before saving because I want to give the user the option to append the new content to the old.
Is there a way to check if a path/filename exists?
I had tried to do a and use on error to trap the error if it didn't exist but that still generated a macro error when the file was not there.

Check if object exists

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Can't figure out the syntax for this simple test.
I have thrown together a spreadsheet that emulates an old handwritten form. Part of the form asks for the user to circle a choice. I thought it would be nice to have a button that, when clicked, would draw a circle around the choice near the button. I set the button to NOT print, and the form looks very nice. Except, I thought it would be a good idea to test to see if another option has already been circled -- in which case, I'd like to delete the other circle drawing object.
So, at the time of creation, I call the circle objects YesCircle and NoCircle. When the user clicks the YES button, how do I test for if the drawing object "NoCircle" exists?

Check if sheet exists/current filepath

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › VBA

I just have two really quick questions.
First of all, how can I check to see if a worksheet exists in a book?
Secondly, how can I get the file path for the current excel file that is open?

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3D Object Viewer

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This is an application that comes in 2 flavours: Air (for your desktop use) and Web (for online use).
Its a product/object viewer that uses Away3D to display a 3d object and interact with it. You can use the desktop version to test your 3d object before going into flash, without the need for any programming! The web version acts as a fast, reliable and easy to use product viewer.

Check All Form: Select all checkboxes

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When we create a form, we often need to insert various options like checkboxes allowing multiple selection, or permitting all checkboxes to be checked.
An example of this situation is a form that asks website visitors to select their topics of interest. All possible topics are then regrouped and since they are common for many people, clients are often compelled to check them all. Selecting the options one by one is an extremely boring task to perform for a user, which is why in many cases they simply desist.
Check-All extension proposes an alternative to this annoying chore. With Check-All extension, you can very easily introduce into your form a special checkbox that is capable of controlling several checkboxes, or even all checkboxes at once. When you select the checkbox inserted by Check-All extension, all the checkboxes associated with it will check themselves as well. When that Check-All box is unchecked, all those associated to that box will uncheck themselves, too. With Check-All extension, the task of selecting all the topics of interest of your clients can be reduced to just one click.

Check for Reciporical Link

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Use this script to check if reciporical link agreements are being honoured. Check for a given link in a remote page.(Demo + source code included)

Check the accessibility of different ports and services

Free: Yes
Tags: PHP › Excel Web Monitoring

If you would like to have quick site check tool on your website and give your users the ability to check the accessibility of different ports and services right from your website you may use our Free PHP Site Check Tool.
PHP Site Check functionality
Easy to install and almost no configuration required the script can check availability of HTTP (80), FTP (21), SMTP (25) and POP3 (110) ports from your location. You may try the DEMO below. To check the service please indicate the host name and select necessary checkboxes.

3D Object Viewer 126

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel 3d Effects

This is a fully customizable CS3 AS2 flash document template which rotates a 3D object or environment (from rendered images) a full 360°. See below for an example as an environment explorer (included with this pack). Just import your images into the library to replace the sample images.
The 126 template uses 18 horizontal images by 7 vertical images (126 in total). You can spin the object, rotate with your mouse, zoom in/out, move, and re-centre the object. (See my other 36 single layer, and my 252 3D viewer for multi-layer for true 360° viewing angles.)
Once loaded it's smoother faster than an xml based object viewer, and doesn't significantly effect other animations that maybe on the same webpage. Export to a single SWF or flash projector, with no external files required.

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