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Chart Data to a US map

Chart Data to a US map

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IS there a way to chart data to a US map? I want a visual of the US map with number of clients shown in each state.

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How can I plot Excel data on a geographical map or chart?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I have data by city, state, and zip code. How can I plot this data by geography on a map of the United States of America or on a map of a state.

Map / Excel question

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

just got a new position and I think my boss is testing me. I'm stuck and can't figure out how to do this.
We have a list of gas stations and he wants me to develop a map with the 14 states that our gas stations are in. He then wants me to have data (gas price) that is in excel load up into this map and be showcased in this excel map. The map that I have is only in Excel and he wants to use only this map.
I'm sure this will be easy for some people but I'm stuck.

Missing Data and linest :(

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm out of ideas on this one and was looking for some pointers.
I have a X,Y,Z map of basically a compressor. The problem is we cannot reach more than say 20% of this map in our experimentation. This leaves us to guessing what should be in the other 80% of the map! I know its bad! But we got to do what we can do. What I was hoping to do is take the map, take of map of where we have confidence in good data, then 3rd polynomial fit the rest of the data. I can get it to fit the entire map, but I'm stuck at how to get it to skip over data we do not have a lot of confidence in. Mind you this will have to be something that can be done quickly as we might have to do this 10 times per day. I'm lost!
Anyone have any good tips for skipping blank data with linest?

Excel 2007: Contour map (surface map)

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I have made a surface map using the contour map chart type. Thing is I cannot work out how to adjust the legend bands. For example:
I have 3 bands
0-100 Red 100-200 Blue 200+ Green
but say if I wanted to add a 4th band or increase the number of bands in the 0-200 range to 4 then how would I do that?

how do I create a heat map? have x and y data and then a num to s.

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I have x and y data and for each number I then have a 3rd number. I would like to create a chart where for each x and y, you see a colored range for the 3rd values - like a heat map. any idea how to do this in excel?

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Flash Flex Super Map

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Flex Geolocation

It is a super map. You can use it everywhere: face book, site, like personal map with marks, etc.
It provides:
- 1) you can set your markers on the map:
- 2) find location
- 3) find direction from point A to point B
- 4) find distance

Ook Map Viewer

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Google Maps

Multipurpose interactive map navigation. Make you visitors get excited about how to come to your place or you can adjust it for any other purposes.
The map viewer that add user interactive to your cool website.
Customization makes easy and you can use it by just draging it into your MovieClip!
Map navigation system by draging mouse over the map to scroll it.
Map rotation is posible by draging on the edge of the map viewer.
Map zooming can be performed by pressing Z and X button. (Mouse wheel zoom is also available for you to enable but you have to add javascript to stop browser from scrolling)
Find your home easily by double click on the map, map viewer will ease the map back to home location.
Built-in compass, see whether the target location is located in the North, South, West or East direction.
Can also be used as an image gallery!

XML North America Map with URL links

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Geolocation

Simple Interactive North America Map. Contain all north American countries with URL links stored in XML database.
- Its easy to copy this map in other flash projects
- Map contain 41 countries
- You can change all map colors in XML database
- Two zoom options to enlarge map areas with small countries
- Final package contain Detailed description about the changes
- Feel free to contact me for any problem you have

Google XML Map: display city position

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Geolocation

The Google XML Map is a complete solution to display city position, flet position or any other objects that need to positioned using Googles Map Technology. This Interactive Map can display position on the map, geographical position, images, full html/css description.
The map is using the Google Map Api Technology for Flash. To make this product work is required to have a Google Map API Key. Getting the API Key is FREE at Google. In the settings.xml file are located all the options to customize the product. No Flash knowledge is required to edit this file.
In the settings.xml we added the option to add markers/types for positioning. The markers/types can be round, square or rounded corners square and the colors are customizable.

Interactive USA Map

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Geolocation

Interactive usa map v3 features:
- All colors can be changed in the XML file (e.g.initial color, rollover color, selected color, map background color, stage outline color etc..)
- This map has a gradient mask effect on each state which will be applied whatever colors you choose in the xml file.
- Text for each state is HTML formated and imported from XML , so you can add links, pictures and much more!
-Each state can be enabled/disabled through XML .

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