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Character Codes

Character Codes

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I get a "Can't Find Project or Library" error on this code, can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I think I am having a problem "Dim"-ing the Chr variable.
Dim Chr(32) As Long
Dim Chr(59) As Long
Cl1 = ActiveCell.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Select
Cl2 = ActiveCell.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, -1).Select
ActiveCell = Cl1 & Chr(32) & Cl2 & Chr(59)
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select

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need formula that compare codes and gives results

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I have a list of 3500 codes in a column in Excel. I am using 2003. The codes include a character and a number- for example L23, H60, A 82, B05, J04.2 etc. A need a formal which checks the value of the code and gives me a result. for example if the codes is :
from Antechamber to Wavenumber it gives me 1
from Any - D00 - D48 it gives me 2
from D50 - D90 3

Insert ASCII or Unicode Latin-based symbols, characters, or nonprinting control characters

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This can be used to protect email addresses, for instance. Because spammers are writing software to search for certain patterns (email adresses) on web pages, this might help keep spam low. The trick is to use HTML character codes for email addresses, making it much harder for spambots to find email data.

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I have 24,00 rows that have zip codes in them and the zip start with a ' in fro of it. eg. '98001
I need to remove the '
what do I do? I know very little about excel, do I need to do a function or create a module?

Search list for non-alpha characters

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I have a list of companies starting in A1 --
Best Buy
I would like a formula I can copy down that would display a true/false whether or not there is a character in the company name that is something other than a letter.
The character code ranges are 65-90 and 97-122, so if there is any character in the name that falls outside that code range I would get a true, otherwise a false.
In the list above the false values would be SPSS, Best Buy and Target, although I suppose I'll have to remove the spaces out of the name first to make this work.
Any ideas how to search a string for a range of character codes?

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