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cell activated message box

cell activated message box

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just wondered if its possible to generate a message box to pop up if a cell is selected
ie if cell c5 is selected a message box opens and says

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multiple cell activated message box

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

to trouble you again but I have been trying to mess around with multiple selections
but I cant get it to work
this is how I've adapted
Option Explicit
Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Address = "$C$5" Then MsgBox "Hello"
If Target.Address = "$d$6" Then MsgBox "goodbye"

Message Box

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

in getting a message box to work. I want to set up a message box that will automatically pop up when I enter data in a column in any cell in that column.
I tried this MsgBox "Please verify check number is in the correct sequence before entering the check information", vb

Excel Message Box

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I want excel to bring up a message box, that repeats a value in a set cell, for example 'P3', I am familiar with message boxes bringing up text and input options that have been pre-defined, but im unsure on how to get it to display text in P3, mainly as it will change so much, any thoughts please?

Check box error message

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm playing around with checkboxes for the first time and dipping my toes into VBA and really could do with a little help from those with a far better understanding than me.
I've got a check box in one cell (checkbox1) and I also have another cell (we'll say "D10") and what I am trying to do is link an error message box to appear when the checkbox is selected and if the cell contains either a 1 or 7 (Sunday, Saturday).
The idea being that if someone clicks on the check box and the Weekday in cell "D10" is either a Saturday or Sunday a message box appears and warns them that they've selected a weekend day (which they can do in certain circumstances but need the error message to warn them of the fact)

Conditional Message box ??

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Is it possible to have a message box to come up only a criteria is not met.
For example,
I have a garage that sells cars, if my target sales are 3 cars per month, but I have only sold 2, is it possible to have a message box appear to tell me that.
but if I have made the 3 sales then the box would not appear.
I could do with some code here please

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AdvPlugin - Advanced Plugin System

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AdvPlugin is a complete Plugin System in a PHP5 Class Way with you can easy:
- Set a plugin dir. With this, in each load or any function you don’t need to type again the dir!
- Activate/deactivate plugins
- Load activated (or not) plugins
- Get plugins information, like author, name, description, version….
- Easy to develop the plugins. The only thing that requires this system is a little commented header with the plugin information
- Get activated plugins
- Load plugin if only it is activated
- Load all the plugins existing in the directory
- Check if a plugin is activated
- Calll a function with different names
- Make hooks (Hook System)
- ...

Contact form with DropDown menu

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Drop Down Menus Forms

Very interesting contact form with DropDown menu you can modify it how ever you want because the code is very simple and easy to use.
- Custom subject message
- Collect IP Address of the sender
- Collect Browser info from the sender (browser name and version)
- Reply directly to the sender email address
- Check if all fields are filled
- Verify if @ is present in the email field
- Tab Index activated (when you hit tab to jump form field to field)
- DropDown menu (you can add or remove items from the menu)
- Reply the sent result (message sent or not sent).

Fallr - Simple & Elegant Modal Box jQuery Plugin

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Fallr is a general modal box / message window with clean UI to present a notification / confirmation / lightbox / popup / choices / attention / forms / wizard steps / welcome / notice / warning / alert / information / slider / gallery / or whatever dialog you want, in a simple and elegant way.

Simple Valentine Message

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel E-Cards

This is a simple vector valentine animated message . You may use it as valentine postcard, or just add it to your private site, surprising your girlfriend. No actionscript involved, pure vector animation.
Simply change the static text in your flash editing software (flash 8+) (described in the readme.txt file) and you got a romantic valentine animation message for one your love. The Replay button can be removed If preferred.

Message Boards

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Pliner.Net Message Boards are your platform independent solution for your online message board needs. Our no experience required interface is geared towards users of all skill levels. Adding a Pliner.Net hosted message board to your web site is as easy as linking to web address we will provide.
Simple integration with your web site - Just a link!
E-mail notifications for both posters and moderators with an unsubscribe feature
Advanced message display options including several different views, HTML filtering, messages/threads per page and more
Assign moderators to moderate your message boards
Advanced moderation features including message editing, deleting, and approval
If desired, customize your message board by using your own HTML for the header or footer
You may also customize your message board by choosing from one of 15 editable color schemes, or provide your own cascading style sheet

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