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category (X) axis gridlines

category (X) axis gridlines

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Why would category (X) axis gridlines be useful in a chart

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vertical grid lines for multi-level category axis labels

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am having a problem formatting a chart in Excel 2010. My chart has multi-level category axis labels, and I would like to have a vertical grid line separating each major group of categories. In Excel 2003, I could right-click on one of the gridlines and then specify the spacing I wanted between gridlines. In Excel 2010, as soon as I indicate that I want multi-level category axis labels, I get a vertical gridline between each category and I am unable to alter the spacing. If I deselect the multi-level axis label option, I can adjust the spacing between the vertical gridlines, but the axis multi-level label functionality is lost. Is there a way to fix this problem without having to resort to using the drawing tools or text boxes to achieve the desired results.

How do I add gridlines on a graph?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I am doing a chart with two X axis' and two Y axis. The X axis' are years
(from 1970-now) and the other X axis is the US Administrations for these
years. Now what I want to do is have vertical gridlines coming down at the start of each administration (obviously different lengths due to different terms). But the option I have been given on excel is for minor or major gridlines, which seems to be an all gridlines on or no gridlines on approach.
So does anyone know how to put specific gridlines on the chart.

How do you align the x axis to the gridlines?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

The gridlines differ from my x axis. The x axis crosses in the middle of gridlines. I want it to be right under the gridline

Move gridlines in a chart so that they are above the numbers

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I have done a chart in excel and the gridlines are set so that the y axis numbers are inbetween the gridlines. When I choose minor gridlines I get double the gridlines. I just want a gridline above each number in my y axis

Change the number of values/gridlines displayed in the Z-Axis...

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I need to know how to change the number of Z-Axis values/gridlines that show up along the bottom of a chart.
My problem is, Excel is automatically choosing the number of gridlines, and for some crazy reason, it's displaying so many gridlines that the values for each line are bunching together and overlapping or wrapping to two rows. I only want 5 or 6 gridlines on my chart at all times, no matter what the values are. How do I specify

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Linker: Category Search Engine

Free: Yes
Tags: PHP › Excel CMS

Linker is a category search engine which has Fast and stable structure, convenience usage and a lots of functions Linker allow you to easily create yahoo or altervista style category site and manage. You will cannot find better category indexing program any more.
See below functions list and demo site.

Category Gallery With Scroller

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Image Galleries

- you loaded all the thumbs and pics from the xml file
- the loaded pic width and height will be rized on the mask size
- used only mcs so it is easy to change the skin
- with a circle preloader animation
- with prev, next button
- unlimited category
- thumbs mouse scroller & nav mouse scroller
- a nice twenn in & out

Smooth Dock Menu with category support

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Menus

Smooth Dock Menu is an advanced Scrolling Dock with Horizontal and Vertical Modes. Since it has scrolling it accepts virtually an unlimited number of image and/or videos. This component can be integrated in any project giving it an unique and professional look.
Whether youre in need of a way to display a menu, present a portfolio or simply want to showcase your latest video, the Smooth Dock Menu with category support is your best buy.
-Fully resizable supports any width and height values
-Horizontal and Vertical modes see the 2 examples
-Customizable category support
-Start the Dock Menu at any category you want
-Tooltip with custom settings
-Logo feature. Load your own logo
-Horizontal and Vertical mode for category
-Customizable reflection
-Load custom background
-External and internal preview
-Customizable internal preview
-Video autostart true or false
-Supports the following media formats: JPG , PNG , GIF , SWF , FLV , MOV , MP4 , F4V , and M4V
-Youtube streaming feature visit for information on how to use it

Manage categories of hierarchic content

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Excel Miscellaneous Pagination

This script can be used to manage categories of content stored in a MySQL that is structured in hierarchies of unlimited depth.
The categories hierarchy is stored in a MySQL table that keeps the information about each category including the identifier of its parent category record.
The script provides functions to add a new category, edit, delete and retrieve the details of an existing category.

Flash Video Player & Manager

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Video Players

This is a video player and manager that is designed to handle any number of videos in any number of categories and subcategories. You can have one category with a few videos or a 100 categories with 50 thousand videos.
To add a new video to a category you just need to name the video as the highest sequence name and place it in the category folder. Then that video will be displayed as the latest in that category. This makes it very simple to continuously add videos to numerous categories. It is currently set up to display videos in blocks of 15 but can easily be expanded or limited to a lower number.
Adding categories and subcategories is also very easy.
The frame graphics are externally loaded JPGs. So the appearance can be changed to anything by replacing the current texture map JPGs with new ones. It can be smooth steel, wood, dirt, fire, pink & purple hearts, sky, water, just anything you can come up with.

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