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carriage return in a text cell

carriage return in a text cell

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I would like to show a list of items (text) in one cell. This cell will be in a column of similar cells with other lists of differing length (wrap text won't work). How do I have a cells in a column that will produce something like this:
Cell C3:
(3) granny smith apples
(2) key limes
(12) Florida navel oranges
Cell C4:
(4) blueberries
Cell C5:
(10) seedless watermelons

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Coding Carriage Return

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me with this. I have a query in Access that exports data with the carriage return Chr(10). When I export it to Excel, the carriage returns are displayed as boxes. I can solve this problem with text wrapping but problem is, you can't delimit wrapped text. Does anyone know of a way that I can code it to preform a carriage return in Excel (alt-enter)? I was thinking about inserting a character like a comma where I want a carriage return, so something as simple as a find and replace would work but I have no idea how I would code that. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.

Excel: How to insert carriage returns in a formula to manipulate t

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I know that Alt-Enter inserts a carriage return in a cell, however, I need to do this programmatically, gathering text from cell one, inserting the carriage return, then text from cell 2.
Cell A1 contains the text "LINE ONE "
Cell A2 contains the text "LINE TWO"
=A1&A2 will give you LINE ONE LINE TWO
But, what I need is:
Using Word Wrap is not an answer I can use, the formula needs to contain a carriage return.

Really weird invisible carriage return!?

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I have a CSV of data, this CSV has over 800,00 lines/rows so I cant do this manually.
Basically, look at the file I have uploaded, before the word "Barry" there is some kind of invisible return carriage going on! If you copy and paste the cell into another cell it appears the same, however double click the cell and copy the actual text and now paste it into another cell or Microsoft word, the carriage return appears!
I have a lot of data where I am copying columns into another program but it keeps recognizing these carriage returns and it gives me more lines/rows than I should have!
Is there any way I can find these invisible carriage returns in excel and remove them?

Splitting text divided by carriage returns

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I have a report in which multiple responses are provided in a single cell. The responses appear on different lines as if these had been added with a carriage return (i.e. as entered using ALT and RETURN).
I know that you can normally split cell contents into columns using the Convert Text to Columns Wizard under DATA / TEXT TO COLUMNS and then Delimited, however I don't know what the character or feature would be for soft carriage returns.
Any ideas on this or an alternate methodology?

carriage returns within text qualifiers affecting import

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I'm trying to import a text file into excel. The file is tab delimited and uses double quotations as a text qualifier. One of the fields in the text file is a note field and every now and then the person entering the note uses a carriage return (hits the enter key) while doing so. When this comes through in the text file it looks like this.
"this is a note.
this is the second line of the note"
My understanding is that everything between the two instances of text qualifiers should be treated as a single value and the carriage return disregarded. However when I import it the data comes in exactly as it is above which causes field types and column headings to not match up.
Can anyone tell me a way around this short of manually deleting each carriage return?

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