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Can I rename the column letters a,b,c etc. in excel 2003

Can I rename the column letters a,b,c etc. in excel 2003

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I would like to rename the columns in excel 2003, for example instead of A showing up in the top column, I would like it to be name.
Or I would like to add a row between the letters and row 1, without it being numbered.
The reason for this I would like row 1 to show name 1, it now appears in row 2, because I have name as a header in row 1.

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Got a quick Excel question to help me rename my files.
Basically, I have all my music titles listed in Excel down column A. I want to find if there are any words beginning with a small letter so that I can capitalize it and fix it.
I have tried using =proper(A1) in column B and then doing =A1=B1 to see if there's any difference, but that doesn't work because Excel counts small letters the same as capital letters!

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I have an excel document with some information in that I need to rename files in a folder (3068 of them).
Is there any way to do this? I really need to do this ASAP and don't want to do it manually?
The files are all WMV files and I have all the info that needs to go in to the ID3 tags of them but I will settle for just being able to rename them to artist - title and then use the tag&rename program to add this info in to ID3
PLEASE someone, I need to do this by the weekend?

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How do I rename columns in Excel 2003?

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I have to make a 2004 year calculation using 2004 year table in the same way a 2003 year calculation which used 2003 year table was made. I copied formulas from 2003 version table to 2004 version table. The 2004 version table has different columns order therefore column letters in the formulas are incorrect. I want to change the column letters to correct ones according to 2003 and 2004 column labels located in a top rows in the tables. I have to use columns with the same labels as in 2003 year in formulas. How to change the column letters to correct ones in all formulas automatically? I do not need to change row numbers because they are correct.

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I tried to rename a sheet in a workbook but discovered that the rename option is inactive when I right-clicked on the sheet. How do I make it active ?

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