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Can I overlap only two of four data series in Excel Column Chart?

Can I overlap only two of four data series in Excel Column Chart?

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I'm trying to show a range on two of the four data series. Currently if I selected data series and overlap then it will overlap all four data series.

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Problem with Column Chart on 2 Axis

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I have two series, A and B, and 3 values for each series. When I create a side by side column chart, right click the second series and choose Format Data Series Axis Secondary the two series overlap in one space; why did I lose the side by side appearance and how might I get it back? TIA for any

Column chart whitespace

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topic1 1 3 6 1 5 7 50
topic2 2 56 65 78 27 191 18
topic3 67 3 9 54 89 45 9
I am attempting to make a chart with the above data. But whenever I create the chart it groups the columns as you would expect but the distance between column groups is very large. There is more whitespace than data in the resulting chart. I have attempted to adjust Series Overlap/Gap Width in the Format Data Series menu but all it does is adjust the columns relation to each other within each grouping. Any help on this would be

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I created a column chart with 7 data series, and the data columns are very thin, so you can't tell one series from another. I tried using overlap and gap to increase the width of the columns, but that is not working.

change overlap priotity

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I have 2 bar series of which I want the 1st series to overlap the 2nd (on top).
When I choose the formatting series tab, it look likes the 2nd series always comes on top of the 1st.
How can I adjust this in reverse way, meaning 1st on top of 2nd.
By the way, I can't switch series because a lot of bars are colored separately

Keeping data separate when adding a second axis

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I have two data series that fall under the same categories that I want to graph on a clustered column chart. I want to add a second axis because the values of each series are far apart, but when I add a second axis, the values overlap each other on the chart. Can I have a second axis without the series overlapping in this type of chart.

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Animated Points Chart

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XML Animated Points Chart is completely generated in AS code using XML information
- You can set from AS the colors for caption and tool tip text
- You can edit general properties from XML
- The position of the chart.
- The width and height of the chart.
- Also can animate in a synchronized movement.
- Position for the captions
- Minimum and maximum values for Y axis.
- Interval value for grids in Y axis.
- Space between periods.
- Also can edit for each serie (XML)
- Light and Dark color for each serie
- Line color of the points
- The caption of the series
- You can add more periods and more series.

Chart Animation Script

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Animated Chart script generator allows you to create a bar graph table of the data given to it. This is a graph and chart animated javascript which can be incorparated into any webpages. Just input the data of the involved elements, the animated script will chart out an XY Graph.
a) The Chart animation generator is compatible with all main browsers.
b) This script will dymanically draw the graph from the given values.
c) It automatically scales the axes.
d) Bar colors, fonts, chart colors, can be easily customised.

3D Pie Chart Applet

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Setup a pie chart of your data with this cool 3D pie chart applet. Here, you can easily specify your number data with text labels and then have a description for each data be displayed as a tip text when you move the mouse pointer across a pie piece.
Number data can be an integer or have floating point values. A color value, label text and tip text description for each number data can be specified.
Supports a background image.
Specify font type, font size and font style of the text and title.
You can specify the text color, title color, selection color, background color, the description text and background color.
The pie and marker size can be specified.
Compatible with any Java compatible browser.

Java Chart Designer

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Java Chart Designer is a powerful charting Java application that empowers you with all necessary tools to create charts for professionally looking presentations, business and scientific reports that can be easily integrated into website as Java applet, Java applications or saved as JPEG images.
A user-friendly interface, great number of visual effects and predefined chart types, flexible chart components selection, powerful animation and on-screen real-time chart visualization make Java Chart Designer usage an easy and delightful experience. Charts creation process is greatly alleviated thanks to convenient chart wizard which guides you through all steps: from Excel-like data source setting to resulting chart file.

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You can configure faster the chart directly from XML file. You can change configuration part
Chart Area:
- x, y position
- width and height of chart
- colors for the chart area background (2)
- vertical margin
- color, thickness and alpha for border...

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