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Can I change Column Header Names?

Can I change Column Header Names?

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Can I change Column Header Names. What I mean to say that , We Have Generally Column Names A, B, C, D, . I would like to Change these names what ever I Want.

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change the header of column in excel

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1-How I can change the Header of column A
2- How I can set Read only property to the the column(1,1) in excel sheet

Insert missing column names

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I have 1 main excel file which contains column names in specific order. Also I have a lot of other files which I need to change (at the moment by hand) so that they have same name order (just header not data). I have about 74 columns which are starting from row 2 . In row 1 is data that group those columns in logical units (grouping in meaning just merge cell above column names). In other files I have also some old and some new column names. Is it possible to compare and insert just column names ?

change the header based on the company name

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I have an excel sheet in which one column is for company name.
I have sorted the data by company name and also used subtotals from the data menu with page break at every change in the company name.
the problem is to change the custom header at every change in the company name while printing the data.
please let me know whether it is possible to change the custom header basing on the change in the company name.

copy column and header names from existing spreadsheet to new spre

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coping all column and header info brought over from one spreadsheet to another with out copying and pasting everything. Is this possible and how do you do it?

In Excel, how do I change worksheet headers (A,B) to names (Box)?

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I am a new user of MS Office Excel 2003. I know nothing about programming
language. I already used the Help menu and couldn't find an answer. I was hoping to find among the menu choices a command that would let me replace (what I think are called) worksheet column headers (A, B, C, etc.) with names
for the columns (Box, Remarks, Amount, etc.).
I want to do this so I can print a worksheet in which column header names (rather than letters) appear at the top of each printed sheet. If all I can do is name a column by naming a range of cells within the worksheet, then the name of the column only appears on the first printed page.

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Website header: website / header / website header
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- Horizontal flash menu for use at the top of an html page.
- Simple and elegant design.
- Small size, only 16K.
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A script that makes selected headers in a page contractible. Contents such as text, graphics, tables etc can be hidden inside the header that will be revealed only when the header is clicked on.
What sets this script apart from most other you'll find are the following features:
Works in both IE5+ and NS6+, and degrades fully with other browsers. In the later instances your content will appear normally.
Extremely versatile. The script can be applied to content of all types on your webpage, such as <DIV>, <P>, <TABLE>s etc.
New! Two expanding behaviors- specify whether only one header should be open at any one time, or that previously open header continue to be visible.
Persistence feature. You can specify whether the script should remember the state of the header structure when the user navigates away to a different page. When enabled, returning to the page will cause the script to return the header to its last state (ie: third header expanded).

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live connection: the applet gets the quote field values from a data feed in real-time; we do not offer any feed for this applet, we only provide a free sample script
customizable symbol: you can set any symbol that feed can provide info for it.
customizable fields: you can set any fields that feed can provide info for it. Fields that the script we provide offers are: last, time, change, change%, bid, ask.
customizable header and footer text: you can set the text that appears in header and in footer.
customizable colors & fonts: you can set fonts and colors for both field names and values and also for title and footer labels.

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