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Can Excel display the ratio of two numbers?

Can Excel display the ratio of two numbers?

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I am comparing 2008 Sales data to 2009 Sales data. Ideally, I would like to display the ratio of clients month-to-month, preferably in a pivot table and/or pivot chart. E.g., Jan '08 has 7 clients. Jan '09 has 21 clients. The ratio displayed is 1:3.
Does anyone know if this is possible in Excel? If so, what is the function?
Thank you! p.s. -I am using Excel 2007.

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How to display a ratio but have it calculate as a decimal?

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I'm trying to display a ratio in my spreadsheet to show the "odds" but I want it to calculate as its decimal, so if I had 1:20 written in it then I want 0.05 to be the value of the cell when I use it in a formula. Is there any way to do this? So far I've only gotten it to show up as a ratio by typing '1:20 with the apostrophe in front of it.

ratio formula

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A "debt to asset ratio" in business divides total debt by total assets. A debt of $50,00 divided by assets of $150,00 would be a ratio of 3 to 1. Would there be an Excel formula to return ratios in a cell after putting in the two numbers of debt and assets in cells? Regards, Gary

Ratio's expressed as a ratio: "Something/1"

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I would like to create a user defined formula (if I need to) to express my answer as a: "Something/1 ratio.
In cell A1: I have 100
In cell B1: I have 4
In cell C1: I have the following: =(A1/B1).With the cell custom formatted as: ?/? which produces the following answer: 25/1
This is good.
However when the ratio has a remainder I will get the following:
E.g.: lets say I change the numerator to 99
In cell A1: I have 99
In cell B1: I have 4
In cell C1: I have the following: =(A1/B1).Now, instead of getting 24.75/1
I get: 99/4
Can anyone lead me to how I can always get the "Something/1" answer.

Maintain Aspect Ratio of 2D Plot on Different Monitors ??

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There's a good chance that some might have already posted this question (including myself!), but I couldn't find any related threads in this forum directly addressing the problem.
Suppose you've a 2D chart displaying the fuselage of an airplane nicely proportional on the Full Screen of your desktop monitor.
You copy the w/b to your laptop (with the same XL 2003) and the display is
completely out of proportion because of the different aspect ratio of the screen.
Q1: Instead of Full Screen display, would a Custom View help in maintaining the aspect ratio of the 2D plot regardless of monitor size ?
Q2: Does XL 2007 provide options for specifying the physical dimensions of
the chart area and/or plot area ?

Excel Solver- Ratio Constraint

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Having a problem constructing a ratio constraint in Excel Solver.
I need to construct a ratio constraint of at least 1 to every 2.
For example, a facility must have at least one physician for every two extenders.

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