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calibration curve

calibration curve

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I am setting up a chemistry calibration curve using data below
OD reading Concentration
.245 40 etc
Plotting in XY scatter chart and get trendline using polynomial function.
How can I determine the concentration of an unknown solution ? I want to use trendline data to do this.

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How can i extrapolate and find/show values on a calibration curve

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Im am writing the scientific report where I have a calibration curve. I want to use that and find the concentration of an unknown sample. This is easily done by hand, but how do I show it on Excel and on the chart itself?

forecast using a four parameter logistic equation

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I need to find x-values according to a four parameter logistic equation ( y = (a-d)/[1+(x/c)^b]+d
How can I do this? I am not very familiar with solver. I have used XLSTAT to find my four parameter curve and my a, b, c, and d values.
To be a little more descriptive (as I am really hoping to get some help here):
I am working with ELISA data. I have a calibration curve, therefore I have concentrations(x, actually in LOG) and their response (y). I will generally get a response (y) from my assay and want to find my estimated concentration according to the calibration curve. (Like using the forecast function, but it is not linear).

How do I graph a melting point calibration curve?

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I have a theoretical values of three compounds and I got experimental values.
I am trying to graph them and it does not work Here are the values of temp: EXPERIMENTAL: x-axis 80 C
I cannot graph these values. Does anybody have

Total Aquisition Time Calculation

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I am trying to calculate the total time it took to run a batch. I can import the Time and Date of Injection, but the issue is I use a stored calibration curve to calculate concentration and the time and dates of injection of calibration curve are from 1-3 days older. I need for the formula to find the time of the last sample that was injected and subtract that from the time of injection from the first sample named "Blank" to get the total time of the run. I have attached a sample query with notes.

bell curve widths

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I have discovered how to create a normal distribution (Bell) curve on my excel spreadsheet. The instructions on the net all seem the same, and the curve always covers the same width 1 to 8 or 9. I am trying to produce a curve to lok at a number of ratings the lowest is 0 and the highest 5 How do I amend the width of the bell. I believe it is something to do with the standard deviation number which is generated and used. But now I'm lost

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CurveMenu Video extends the success of CurveMenu component with additional video player features. CurveMenu Video included a sliding curve shape menu video playlist.
Build-in with YouTube playlist builder which allows you to build video playlist from YouTube easily. In addition, CurveMenu Video with a customizable video playback interface allows you to build your own branded video player. With tons of customized styles that unleash your creativity.
* Direct loading YouTube Video
* YouTube playlist builder
* Driven by xml
* Build playlist for local video
* Support loading video format mp4, flv, f4v and m4v.
* Curve Shape Menu
* Vertical/Horizontal alignement
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Clean is an open source engine for AJAX, that provides a high level interface to work with the AJAX technology.
It can be plugged in any page or DHTML framework because it was designed in conformation with the separation of concerns principle, keeping focus on AJAX issues.
Clean is a software based on well succeed design patterns and inspired on Java Message Service API, that offers reliable solutions to AJAX.
It was created to solve real problems found on AJAX applications, and is used in many projects. Clean will help you to adopt AJAX saving your time and your code, reducing your learning curve and the code reengineering.
What Clean is:
Server side technology agnostic, you can use it with any server side language;
Simple to install, to configure and to use;
Small learning curve solution;
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Premium Interactive Multi Charts Compilation XML

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This file is a nice high-quality value pack worth $66USD. It is a compilation of all our premium multi chart components. The following chart types are included: line chart, area chart, curve chart, stacked bar chart, regular bar chart, wave chart, pie chart, step chart.
All charts can be XML driven. Many parameters can be set. Take a look into the preview to get an impression or visit the components product overview pages.
Components included:
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This preloader is based on Lissajou Curves.
- You can create your own curve
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The dock menu supports an unlimited number of thumbnails. The menu is highly customizable directly from the xml. You can change the amplitude, the menus curve, space and many more, play a little with it and youll discover amazing things. Currently all the variables are the default ones but if you delete a variable field from the xml dont worry, the default value is backed up in the source code...

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