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Calculating the Slope Of A Trendline

Calculating the Slope Of A Trendline

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Lets say I have two points from which I created a trendline using the LINEST and INTERCEPT formulas. How do I calculate the slope of this trendline in degrees? Is there a formula for that? I tried the slope function and it doesn't give degrees.
PS: I attached the example.

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Setting a trendline with a custom slope and intercept

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So I have a linear graph and created a trendline using the Excel function. I then used the weighted least squares method to create an equation y = b'x + a' using my x and y values as well as their corresponding uncertainties. Would I be able to set the trendline to a specific slope and intercept? If not, is there another way to do this?

How do I show slope on a chart?

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I have a simple plot with two points only, and added a trendline which fits with the plotted line. I really need to show the slope of the trend line on the plot. But I don't want to show the equation or anything else.
I am using a plot which should calculated and plot by itself with the change of inputs in the table(somewhere in the page), and need to show that slope value on the plot too.
I can calculate slope in a cell somewhere on the sheet. Is there any way to show the value (calculated somewhere on the sheet) on the plot beside my plotted line.
Either way would work. But I prefer to do it from the trendline.

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As a low key user, I can calculate the slope of a line from the x and y values, but I don't know how to determine how good the estimate is. Can

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I had a question about the trendline in excel. I just made a trendline and I right clicked "format trendline" and checked "display equation on chart". Unfortunately, the precision of the m and b coefficients (slope and intercept) are nowhere near where I want them to be (only one significant figure). My question is: how do I increase this precision to four or five sig figs? I thought it would have been available somewhere under the "format trendline" option, but I can't find it anywhere.

trendline equation

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We have XY (scatter-connected by line) chart.
When I use trendline (polynomial, order of 2) I can ask show up the equation.
But now we would like extract all number from equation shown in individual trendline, and put into a separate file, so we can do detail and complex statistical analysis.
In linear trendline, I can extract number by just computing slope, and intercept.
Can anyone tell me how to extract number of polynomial equation?

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