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Calculating Gross from a Percentage

Calculating Gross from a Percentage

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Can someone create a simple macro to calculate the gross from a percentage as described in my attached Excel file?
Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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Gross Profit Percentage

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I am trying to enter cost and sell price and the outcome be the gross profit percentage I am making.
A1 = $100 (Cost)
B1 = $150 (Sell)
C1 = 33.33%
the formula I am entering =sum(A1/B1)-1 is giving me a negative -33.33%
how can I get this to display a positive 33.33%?

Calculating Gross

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Using only in cell formulas is there a way to calculate a gross withdrawal amount based only on the net amount and tax rate?
Gross w/d - 20% Fed Taxes - 5% State Taxes = Net w/d
The issue I'm running up against is that the taxes are based upon the gross withdrawal amount. So a net w/d of $20,00 would mean that the gross would be $25,00 (less 25% for taxes = $20k).
How can I create a formula to calculate for the gross having only the net and taxes as input; and allow for the input of the fed/state tax percentages?

Calculating gross when net is known

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Frequent budget adjustments when the gross amount of the adjustment is know. I need to calculate backwards for the tax burden to come up with the net

calculating percentage of loss

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Im tring to calculate the percentage of stock loss.
In Cell A1 I have $50,00
In Cell A2 I have $5,00 loss leaving me $45,00
In Cell A3 I want to know the percent I have lost.

Calculating a percentage

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I have a table that contains a colum of check boxes. I have created a simple count query so I can find out how many yes's there are and no's there are but how do I get access to calculate the percentages of yes's and no's?

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