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Calculated field in Pivot Table

Calculated field in Pivot Table

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I have been looking at calculated fields in Pivot tables and when references seem to be one field to another. My problem is to reference one subset of a field to the total.
In the attached file you will see that I have done a simple calculation to calculate what percentage of the total sales is birds, what I want to know is can this be done within the pivot table itself as a calculated field?

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Calculated field in Pivot table

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am trying to create a calculated field that will do the following
"Sum of bed_in_service / Sum of bed_occupied". The new calculated field should appear on the extreme right of the pivot table.
please see attached for a pictorial view.

Pivot Table Calculated Field

Free: Yes
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In the past I have been able to use one or a number of the calculated field within a pivot table to calculate further fields. For example for each employees I had sum of hours worked & sum of amount paid then could use these fields to calculate the average hourly rate by creating my own & dividing one into the other . For some reason when I go into my current pivot able I don't have the option in the drop down menu to use an already calculated field in my required formula?

2007 Pivot table Calculated field misbehaving

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Using EW2007.
Trying to insert a calculated field into a pivot table. It's not
displaying any results besides zero's on the calculated field.
I think what may be contributing to the lack of results, is that one of the source fields used in the custom calculation is already used twice in the pivot table. (once in the row labels area on the
left(displayed as its field value), and another time in the values and is displayed as "Count".)
Any ideas of how I might get this calculated field to. . . calculate?

Problem inserting calculated pivot fields into Pivot Table (2007)

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Working with Excel 2007 and a Pivot Table. Created a Calculated field. The
field shows in the Field List, but Excel will not let me drag the Calculated field into the Pivot Table areas (other than into the Values area).

Calculated Field using Summarized Value Pivot Table

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I've made a pivot table in an excel 2007 spreadsheet - and for one of the fields, I've had it do a count of a text field. I want to take that field and have it be part of a new calculated field I'm creating, but it isn't on the field list and I don't know how to add it.

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