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Calculate years of service

Calculate years of service

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I am looking if there is an Excel formula or macro that can calculate the years of service for each employee based on periods of employment and seniority date. In order for a year to be considered as a year of service, an employee must work a complete calendar year (January 1st through December 31st); otherwise, that period of employment (months) do not count toward someone's years of service. The problem comes in because we have quite a few employees that have been terminated and rehired. Also, once obtaining the years of service, I am using VLOOKUP to obtain the vacation days from information located on the VacationTable tab. However, I can't figure out the vacation hours, monthly accrual and daily accrual based on the vacation days.
Can anyone help me? I've been stuck for a while and can't get this to work.
Please refer to attached file for better understanding of what I am trying to accomplish.

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Does anyone know how to calculate years of service in Excel? (ex. 3 years, 4

Multiple conditions using greater than or less than.

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I am trying to create a formula to help me with the below scenario.
I need to calculate how many days of PTO time someone would get based on years of service.
the years of service cell is less than 2, the employee gets 11 days of pto if the years of service =2 or anything up to 3, the employee gets 16 days of pto if the years of service is =3 or anything up to 4, the employee gets 17 days of pto if the years of service is =4 or anything up to 5, the employee gets 18 days of pto if the years of service is from 5-19 years, the employee gets 22 days of pto
I think you can see the pattern from this partial information.

Employment Years of Service for future date formula

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I was hoping someone would be able to please give me the formula to calculate someone's years and months of service with a company assuming a future end date.
For example if someone was hired 12/2/02 and was terming the company as of 06/30/12, what formula can I plug in to get the years of service and months with the organization?

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I have worksheets where I have a formula to calculate the number of years and months of service. I would like to use that date to calculate excess annual leave hours. (Example: calculation shows at 23 years 4 months, I need to use this to calculate the following: 0 to 4 years =360; 5 to 9 years=624; 10-19 years=640; 20+ years=680) Note: The calculation for years and months will be different on each employee.

Years of Service

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I'm trying to create a "database" for our team so that we can then create a mail merge for our certificates for anniversaries with the company. I found a formula that will give me the years of service with some text.
=DATEDIF(G10,$C$1,"y") & " years of service "
G10 = the start date C1 = today's date
This result gives me "2 years of service" which is great for all but 1 year of service. Can anyone help me with an if statement for the instance when it is the first anniversary and I want it to say "1 year of service".

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