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Calculate Weighted Value

Calculate Weighted Value

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I have an RFP I am working on. I am scoring 3 different companies on a variety of areas. Each area is weighted a certain percentage value. For each area, I will give a score of 1-5 (5 being the greatest). I need a formula to calculate the percentage for each area based on the score given and the weighted percentage assigned. For example, the spreadsheet would look like this:
1 Area Weight Score Weighted
2 Hours 65% 3
3 Reporting 15% 4
4 Staff 20% 3
So what I need to figure out, is how do I calculate the value for column D based on the score given against the assigned weight of each area?

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I want to calculate the continuous weighted average method .what formula I have to apply.for calculate single time I am using this.if I want in C column to show all weighted average rate how can I do.
20 500 .write here
=SUMPRODUCT(A1:A4,B1:B4)/SUM(B1:B4) this formula for single

weighted average - 1 column

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I've read all postings re weighted average in the forum but could not find the answer.
I have 1 column of random data/values (below) and would like to calculate weighted average. Please help me to compile a formula for this.

weighted average problem, using sum product

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I have a problem with weighted average.
I am trying to get the weighted average raise for all employees however I only want to calculate employees who began hire in the 1st month.
So I have 3 columns.
Salary/Raise %/Month Hired
my formula was going to began with.
but I am receiving #value response.
Any ideas how I should calculate a weighted average for employees that start in month 1?

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I 'm looking for ways to calculated weighted average for 1 column, random values as follows. I do not have frequences/quantities values.

Weighted Average

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I am trying to calculate the weighted average rate.
The information is as follows:
Hours Value Average rate
How can I get the weighted average rate on excel,

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