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Calculate Calendar Days

Calculate Calendar Days

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How do I add a number of calendar days to an existing date and tell the system to not allow it to end on a weekend or holiday.
Example - Friday, November 7 + 8 days would equal Saturday, November 15. I would want Friday, November 14 returned in my field. I have tried workday but it excludes the weekends in between (Nov 8 and Nov 9).

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Calculate next workday after adding calendar days to date in cell

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I want to add 100 calendar days to a date in a cell and when that date falls on a weekend or holiday the formula will return the next workday vs. returning a weekend date.
I tried the workday function but it counted 100 workdays not calendar days.

Calendar day not days

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am trying to figure a way in which I can add a specified number of calendar days to a date (ex: 9/21/2006 + 14 days = Calendar date).
I thought it would be an easy thing to do, but when I try what is on MS help, I get the total days from 1 Jan 1900 and can't figure out how
to convert it to the calendar day.
Can anyone help out in figuring this formula out.
Dan (Still going in circles)

Calculate Number of Days worked in Each Month by Project

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I want to calculate the number of days worked on a project in a rolling 4 month calendar. Working Days are Mon-Thu. My sheet looks like this:
Job name TotalDays StartDate EndDate DaysMo1 DaysMo2 DaysMo3 DaysMo4 Foo 3 3-22-10 3-25-10 3 0
Goo 25 4-2-10 5-17-10 0 17 8
I have used Workday to calculate my end date but I'm having difficulty calculating the proper month bins to put the days in. Since the calendar rolls forward each month I need to consider that a job started before Mo1 or in Mo1 or in Mo2 or in Mo4 or it'sw beyond the planning horizon. Anyone solved this before?

Calendar with Custom Holidays

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › VBA

I'm new to both VBA in Excel and to these forums, so I'm sure I'll be reading on here a lot .
I know how to make a calendar in Excel but I can't figure out how to make a calendar with custom holidays. I don't need the custom days to show up as text, in fact I don't need the calender to show up at all. I need a calendar that has exceptions for any day I want so that it can still calculate.
For example, I may say that an order to a company is due to ship on the 10th and that no modifications can be made to the order after 8 BUSINESS days before the order ships. In my business, business days differ from the typical calendar and I'm wanting a calendar function that will put the date of 8 business days before the ship date in a cell.

Counting calendar days

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

When I count calendar days, using =VALUE(B2-A2) or even just =(B2-A2), it always omits one day. For instance 28/09/2009 to 30/09/2009 the formula counts it as 2 days, while actually it's 3 days (28-29-30). How can I correct

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ASP Appointment Calendar

Free: No
Tags: ASP › Excel Calendars

With the ASP Appointment Calendar for Dreamweaver you can easily create three types of calendars, #1 - an appointment/reservation calendar designed to receive requests/bookings from your users; #2 - a classic schedule calendar designed to show the activities planned during events, school classes, etc; #3 - a small and informative calendar that can be used to show information related across days & times. The administrative interface covers the entire calendar functions, making it easy to manage even to users without HTML or development skills.

XML simple calendar 6 in 1

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Calendars

A simple, clean calendar. It comes with 6 XML files with different color settings as seen in preview. Please note that you can change all colors to any color you like. Also you can change borders width and color and color of buttons used for display of days. You can set border of calendar to 0 so it is not displayed (as seen in preview). Also some other parameters can be changed via XML :
- font, size and color of text used for days, month and year
- width and border color of calendar background
- border width, border color and buttons color used for current day
- color of rollover effect of forward and backward buttons
- size of buttons used for displaying days
- size, font and color of events text (and date)
- text of all 3 timeline possibilites of event (past, present, future event)

Calendar applet

Free: Yes
Tags: Java › Excel Applets Calendars

CCalendar is a calendar applet. You can use it as a real calendar choosing the global appearence and the photo you want to show.
You can use it as a help for you site's user to enter date in a form field. CCalendar support multilanguage for days and months, the choice of the first day of the week and adds schedule possibility. CCalendar allows you to link event to the days.

Advanced ASP Reservation Calendar

Free: No
Tags: ASP › Excel Calendars

Advanced ASP Reservation Calendar is a Dreamweaver extension that facilitates creation of informative calendars which at the same time can serve as date pickers for reservation forms.
This Calendar has the following features:
works as a date picker for forms. Selected dates are saved in hidden fields within the form to be sent to the server later.(*);
allows to set available and booked (unavailable) days from the Admin system;
optional floating panel with information on dates or ranges of dates in the calendar on the public site;
optionally, you can link any day in the public calendar to a URL;
booked days can be shown in different colors, and additional text information can be added;
simple, visual insertion from Dreamweaver and visual Admin, from a browser. Uses modern Ajax technologies to achieve a swift and user-friendly interface.

Reservation Calendar

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Excel Calendars

This Dreamweaver extension allows you to insert a calendar which can be used by your website visitors to select dates - for example, check-in and check-out dates - for a reservation.
This calendar allows two selection types: "complete day" or "partial day". Complete day means that the first and the last days booked are charged as full days; Partial Day means that they are charged as half-days only. Partial Day system is widely used by hotels: guests are supposed to arrive and leave within a certain timeframe - the earliest check-in time and the latest check-out time; if these times are respected, the customer is charged half a daily rate for both the arrival day and the departure day, thereby matching the number of nights actually spent in the hotel. An example of such system is shown on this page.

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