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Beep and MsgBox in VBA for Excel

Beep and MsgBox in VBA for Excel

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I want to be notified when a VBA-Sub is finished.
How can I achieve that a VBA-MessageBox appears in the foreground when a Sub is finished and the function "Beep" works?
In my Excel-XP-Application the Beep function doesn't work and the MessageBox doesn't appear in the foreground when I work with other Windows-Application.
Here is my VBA-Code:
Sub Name()
MsgBox MsgTxt, 65536

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Can someone tell me why EnableSound set to false didn't do the trick for me?
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Application.EnableSound = True

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Without creating a userform to do this, is there some built in button or way to add the Yes to All or No to All button to a msgbox?
You have pol seen this used in handling files in windows (overwriting and such)

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The component can be used by system administrator for the alert of predefined system events like port scanning, intrusion detection, applications running, read of specific pages or files, etc. The frequency and duration of sound can be set so that different sound patterns can be assigned to different set of events. Also a developer can use the component for applications debugging, i.e. testing ambiguous conditions, catching not handled exceptions, etc. ASP developer can avoid using response.write and Session variables for debugging and use predefined system sounds for a set of predefined events. You should use the component carefully since the execution of applications stops during sound.

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SimpleIPC is a set of objects, server processes, and configuration tools which allow you, the software developer, to have some of your application's work performed in an external process on the same machine. You make function calls to objects in the external process as if they were local objects. "Under the covers", you're using .NET Remoting over the IPC (Inter Process Communication) channel, but you don't need to be an expert on .NET Remoting to use SimpleIPC. The platform handles the communications and external process life cycle details for you. SimpleIPC runs on Windows, and the code to be run in the external processes (i.e. IPC servers) must be written in a .NET programming language. However, your client code may be written in a variety of languages, to include Java, VBScript/VBA, and .NET programming languages. In this way, SimpleIPC provides a straightforward interop between Java or COM and .NET.
You might consider using SimpleIPC under the following circumstances:
1. You have some code which is useful, but which has the potential to throw unhandled exceptions and crash your application process. You can run this code via SimpleIPC. If there is a process crash, it will be one of the expendable external processes, rather than your application process. Your application can just repeat the call against a different external process and continue on. There is no need for your end users to be impacted.
2. You have some code which is useful, but which leaks memory. You can run this code via SimpleIPC and configure the external processes to recycle frequently. In this way, you can keep your application's memory consumption under control without sacrificing functionality.
3. You need an expeditious way to perform one of several common programming tasks, such as invoking .NET code from a Java application, running a subset of your application's operations under a different Windows identity, or limiting concurrent access to shared resources in a multi-user environment.

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